Saturday, December 27, 2014

Such is beauty of nature

                                                                                      Attribution: Margaret Bednar
Image: Courtesy of Margaret's (here)

Three of a kind amazing
Bathed in colors stunning
Surprisingly not even green
How they are normally seen

With all the whites around
Reminder of Autumn’s brown
Such is beauty of nature
Not to just disappear

Whether brown or green
Mysterious and lean
A constant reminder
Nature can feign anger

For Margaret's hosting at Real Toad's
Artistic Interpretations  -  simply beautiful!


  1. haha yeah nature can show beauty or anger, or both at the same time

  2. The blush of autumn colors are amazing... A true wonder for sure... But just maybe beauty can be less benign and just a mask

  3. I'm not sure narture is merely pretending ... Thoughtful poem!

  4. I like the way you remind us of the colours against the white backdrop of winter.

  5. interesting twist in the end... three is a good number

  6. …yes. Such is the beauty of nature - and why so many poems have been written about her ;)