Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Floating snow flakes

                                                                                               Attribution: Serge Melki
Image: Falling snow (here)

Inspiration from Robert 
Frost's short poems
Downward spiral
Floating snow flakes
Felt smoothness with
enhanced whiteness
of surroundings

Little creatures
Hidden from view
Now in progress

Man rightly seen
Preparing for
grand Yuletide cheer

Inspired by Richard 
Wright's  haiku
                                                           the morning after
abundance of snow last night
coolness in the air

on clapping my hands
on a cold Winter’s morning
blood surged to my head

light sense of freedom
white fluffy snows on branches
                                                         pureness strongly felt                                                         

For Chev's CARPE DIEM GW #37 
Georgia's on Frost
and Special #21 on Richard Wright


  1. I agree with the little creatures, hibernation is due

  2. Wow!! this is the best creation of yours , I mean others are also very very good but this is excellent, my favourite

  3. Hibernation would be due for me also but am still looking for an apartment.,
    Bitter wind here. Great verse.

  4. Very peaceful! I can almost hear the snow falling.

  5. it is so refreshing when it snows...
    i hope we get some good snow this winter....

  6. Yes, one has to do what one must to make it through...although your words hit home, for some reason, (very surprising because winter came early this year) but so far I'm rather enjoying it all!