Friday, December 12, 2014

A work of art nature is smart

Image: Fair use Courtesy of Real Toads (here)

Note: "Lake Hillier in Western Australia is
bubble-gum-pink and it's literally just a few
steps away from a 'normal' colored Southern
Ocean. Scientists speculate that it’s color is
caused by a reaction of sea salt and sodium
bicarbonate and/or caused by red halophilic
bacteria in the salt crusts"  -  Real Toads

Wonder of wonders what of it here
Appearing chewy as a chewing gum biggie
Seen from above but a body of water
Two of a kind in the world just plain crazy

Scientists have an explanation obviously
Algae beneath, bacteria-like creatures perhaps
For the carotene blessed colors seem uncanny
Something’s got to give and that was that

Strangely enough when samples were taken
Hues of color seen just as plain as any lake water
What of it then at the bottom causing the hindrance
Weird still, assurances given to swim in it not a bother

Plainly a work of art and nature is smart
Blushing pink a little girl's privilege
A phenomena leaving many mystified
For nature works in very strange ways

For Hannah's hosting at
Real Toads  -  nature's wonders


  1. Weird indeed, what mother nature can do beats what we can.

  2. Yes, a work of art from smart nature. May we never lose the wonder we feel when we see the beauty nature creates.

  3. Indeed nature has its way of giving us surprises.

  4. No need to go looking for my rose tinted glasses. Let's go!

  5. true Hank nature have its mysterious ways. Lovely reading you after so long.

  6. nature IS smart. love this, Hank.

  7. Only nature could create a lake of that color that isn't toxic.

  8. I love it and I really enjoyed all of the facts that you brought to your poem, Hank. Thank you so much for joining the challenge this weekend! :)

  9. Indeed, only nature could delight us so, we are copy cats in the art of delights

    much love...

  10. Catching up on my comments Hank, It;s 5 50am and can't sleep.

    I really enjoyed this one hank, you brought many facts to your verse and made excellent reading,