Monday, December 1, 2014

They must find a way back home

                                                                                           Attribution:  Mikel Ortega
Image: Trigger and Buttermilk on 
the plains after their escape (here)

The given words:
dizzy unease pallor laughter convulsion 
maim hasten poison lacteal (milky) rustle

Most unfortunate and most cruel
Trigger tried to calm down Buttermilk
It was still dizzy and uneasy thinking
of last night’s episode
It was a clever ruse
They made good their escape

But it took its toll
Buttermilk was just as affected
The pallor in her face was telling
There was no laughter as was seen before
Buttermilk in convulsion immediately
after but was lucky not maimed or hurt bad

Trigger hastened to think on how to go back
Trigger was now in jitters
It was more worried of Buttermilk’s
condition though
It was not sure if the meal given
before their escape last night was poisoned
Buttermilk was foaming like
lacteal around the mouth
It must be very tired

Both were lucky though to make a quick getaway
They managed to outwit the rustlers
They must find a way back home

Roy and Dale must be extremely worried

For Mindlovemisery Menagerie Wordle #37 and
Marian's at Open Link Monday at Real Toads


  1. I am glad they made their escape! Great POV here, Hank.

  2. Ha ha, Hank. Good write!! I knew that harm had come to them, perhaps a dumping like people now (here) dump unwanted or sick pets. Just dump them in a strange neighborhood. Escaping from the rustlers was good though, but now ...

  3. Escape was the plan and it came due, now freedom for the two and hopefully greener pastures

  4. Roy and Dale would be worried all right!

  5. That Trigger is so smart. I use to watch Roy and Dale - loved them.

  6. This story took me back in time Hank. You used the words so very well.

  7. … it's an iron clad rule that these old shows have a happy ending. :)

  8. I'm crossing my fingers for a safe way home!

  9. Lovely write! It is just like when I was a kid listening to the Roy Rogers Show (and I too have my fingers crossed that all turns out well for Buttermilk!) ... love the use of the words here! Bastet

  10. I am so glad they got away!

  11. hah, love it. last line actually made me laugh out loud. poison?! could it be?! well done!

  12. Oh, Hank, you had me so worried about the horses from my childhood! Rustlers, though...I'm glad they outwitted them!