Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Sweet revenge pursued

                                                                                         Attribution: David Kennedy
Image: Dark Quiet lane (here)

Footsteps sounded low
Hat tipped down hiding his face
Teeth gritted eyes red

Dark alley ahead
Owl hooting morbid low calls
Held no fear for him

Cool quiet night air
Bidding for sinister acts
Sweet revenge pursued

Bound to catch headlines
Of tomorrow’s editions
He just had no choice

For Chev's CARPE DIEM's Ghost writer #36
haiku noir - sense of darkness and vulnerability


  1. Of course he didn't! I like the depth you've written, but I must admit, that photo simply draws me in too! Your title describes well, much of my own thoughts here. But I am also lost in the glow of it!

  2. hard when you feel like you have no other option..
    guess it is best to take it and let the chips fall
    where they may

  3. I always enjoy a good plot of revenge pursued... NICE! But I enjoy the innocence as well.. "He just had no choice." The perfect save..

  4. Fits right in with the crime scene investigation shows I like to watch.
    The trick will be if the lab can nab 'the revenger' - since they let the first to play foul escape ;)

  5. love the suspense and the dark mood! :) excellent write.

  6. Dark theme Hank ~ Even if he has no choice, his act is always a choice ~

  7. Revenge can take people to places they never thought they'd go

  8. Your words have the drive and inevitability of a good jazz riff

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  9. Ah.. no choice.. kill or be killed.. really noir here Hank

  10. Beautiful response on Jen's challenge to write haiku noir Hank.