Saturday, December 6, 2014

Should he just feign death hoping it would leave

                                                                                                  Attribution: Wilfredor
Image: A Feral Charolais Bull (here)

The given words: 
traipse cave exchange deranged chains cape
 feign fillet strain sustain haze inflame

Apologies: In my haste had linked this to 
Real Toads not realizing it was Flash 55
until it was too late. 

Parched lips crying for just a drop of clear spring water
Traipsing the arid landscape very unlike an evening walk
Suddenly he heard      
Faint rustling noises just over the edge sounding like a stream
Jumping over the boulder for a view
he was shocked to be facing the menacing stare of a bull
Where did it spring from
They were not cave-dwellers but neither were there any ranch nearby

They exchanged glances but with an adversary so calm
not anywhere deranged yet but neither in chains either
No red cape of the Spanish bull-fighters to defend himself
Should he just feign death hoping it would leave

It would make good fillet, lots of fillet, being well-built
But this was not the time to think sirloin or T-bone helpings
A raging bull not carved up into slabs of raw steak was no laughing matter

The strains of debating his options were taking its toll
He could well sustain himself only if he remained on the boulder
A large steer like that could not possibly jump up

But lo and behold!
Through hazy eyes he thought they were playing tricks
The bull which stood like a statue for the better of an hour
In a flash turned around and walked away
Perhaps he was not inflamed or choicest enough
Coming along drab dirty and dry was not a good bargain
He was not as juicy as a ‘steak’ for the bull

Hey! Why bother they were grass eaters were they not?

For Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #190
Mary's at Poets United's Poetry Pantry #230 and
Mindlovemisery's Menagerie's #84 - soap opera 


  1. You clearly were not worth the effort of climbing down to chase you, gore you to death, then try to remember where he was going in the first place...and luckily you kept still!

  2. This made me laugh out loud! Good wordling.

    1. I'm with Viv. The humor here made the read very enjoyable!

    2. Thanks Viv and MMT. Some light moments are useful!


  3. ha - they're grass eaters for sure - but wouldn't want to mess with one anyway...

  4. Tsk - yes indeed...big and menacing but not likely to eat you ;)

  5. ha! could be. the bull was vegetarian. i liked the way the subject was thinking even after confronted by the bull.

  6. Excellent and unusal subject, made reading a joy Hank.

  7. 'They exchanged glances but with an adversary so calm'.....a staring contest and he blinked, thankfully it was too hot and dry!

  8. I love the intensity of the moment and then the silly ponderings of Tbone steak and grass eater.
    A fine (just a little over) 55

  9. There you go, bull. Show him your backside, after staring him to death. :-D

  10. Bulls are grass eaters but they can be ornery. I wouldn't want to look up to see this guy looking down at me.

    This little piece might not be a 55 but I enjoyed it anyway!!

  11. Wow! I love so much the word's choices...sounds heavy, walking, breathing, but...vegetarian....nice

  12. Oh yes I have met them just like that.. they are usually quite calm.. wonderful dancing words here Hank

  13. Reminds me of the night, I rounded the corner, and hit Mr. Romaro's bull…it was frightening.

  14. lol why go through all the effort when grass is easy to find

  15. a lot of grass eaters are big animals and kind of scary...nice one.

  16. Wow what a stare down, luv the ending of this scene

    have a nice Sunday

    much love...

  17. What a cool story! An unexpected encounter. Loved the last line!

  18. This is very clever, Hank. Perhaps a cautionary tale?

  19. I love a good 'Lo and behold' Hank, well done.

  20. Hank, this was rather amusing the ending really made me laugh..

  21. Ok. Writing this must have been as much fun as it was to read it. You have some imagination.

  22. Grass eaters - usually come in peace - but those set of horns make one think twice. :)

  23. I can imagine that would be a startling and surprising sight to behold, very good write.

  24. That would be intimidating! When I was a kid I found myself inside a pasture with bulls unfortunately I had dogs which did manage to piss them off but no one was hurt

  25. Brilliant choice of words!
    Nice one :)

  26. Great use of words, and of the prompt. Love the ending.