Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Suddenly everyone were shocked!

                                                                   User: Itsmine
Image: The NY Stock Exchange  (here)

More than a munching and hard to stomach
More than just a mouthful leading to the New Year
Bread and butter issues seem to take center stage lately

Events dogged the headlines
Some found themselves in awkward and dangerous situations
Some others  punished violently
Physically they were life threatening or lives were snuffed
Hostage taking in Sydney which left 3 dead
Taliban attacks on schoolchildren with 129 dead
Suddenly everyone were shocked
But these were the immediate

Far worst came by earlier centered on killings
Garner in Staten Island
Brown in Ferguson
Rice from Cleveland
Compounded by unpopular Grand Jury decisions
That tore into the very fabric of race relations

Interspersed in between a Senate hearing
on waterboarding brought torture into the open

No fear for everyone else were likely to be tortured too!
Further and for far longer not unlike those at Guantanamo

Oil dropped to an unimaginable USD52 per barrel
With a prediction of a mind-boggling USD32 in 2 year’s time
And the Dow bubble hovering at 17,000 to plunge
to 6000 also in 2 years
Economic implications and trade imbalances
would bring issues impacting on life in general
and when the US sneezed we
 in other parts of the world got the cold too

Bread and butter issues would greatly
feature from now on and Wall Street pundits were already smirking
 ‘don’t say we didn’t tell ya!’

For Grace's hosting at d'Verse Poetics:  bread


  1. Yeah some sure made/make a bundle, while everyone else takes it up the umm ear.

  2. if you dont think there is method to the madness you are crazy...seriously our world systems are so skewed and manipulated...ha...our world is def spinning out of control in many ways...but we have made it so...

  3. the world economy is a bit crazy...and if someone pulls a string somewhere maybe half the world get out of balance...ugh... it's frightening

  4. Very apt write, Hank......it is a crazy scene out there.

  5. Indeed.. I feel that sneeze here to.. The bread and butter for sure.

  6. I fear that this might just happen in the future!! The unpredictability out there is worrying...

  7. yeah... I fear for the future of this planet.... the world is pretty off balance it seems like... and a lot of the people too...

  8. So many events happening all around us, it makes me forget the simple things as bread and butter ~ Thanks for linking up Hank ~

  9. Though the issues change over the years, problems of one sort or another are definitely a constant in our world.

  10. Quite the use of topical data, & very imaginative take on the prompt. Bread seems to lend itself comfortably to divers metaphors. Enjoyed your piece.

  11. Bread and butter issues? Or 'let them eat cake'? Very off-beat take on the prompt, that's for sure!

  12. Interesting take Hank, well times are changing and lets face it certain powers are at play.

  13. Creative twist on the topic of bread. There sure isn't much to celebrate at the end of this year, that's for sure. All the more reason to be grateful for our daily bread....and for those among us with loving spirits.

  14. I enjoyed the original way you introduced the image of 'bread', Hank. It has been a frightening year indeed.

  15. I like the use of "bread and butter" in your unsettling poem.


  16. I wondered if anyone would take this tact with the prompt ;) Certainly it is reality and it is commerce...too bad there are those who abuse it and are so greedy.

  17. Oh yes so many issues.....so well expressed.....sometime it seems like hell.....nicely....

  18. Do you have a journalistic background, Hank? Concise summary, well-kneaded into the prompt.

    1. Thanks a lot Ma'am but none! Just reading yours and others were a tremendous help!


  19. Very insightful take on the prompt Hank, sorry I took longer to read your piece - so much is happening across the world. You brought that into a canvas so neatly.