Friday, December 19, 2014

All vying for a share

                                                                                                   Attribution: Jamsong
Image: Traditional Birthday Fare
for one year old Korean baby (here)

A birthday joy celebrated around the world
Festivities extending beyond
From youngsters to contending adults
All vying for a share

Fairly persistent
Bewitching or bitching but a constant
It is an annual affair
Like it or not
One gets his own share

It is there lurking
One gets it on the anniversary
The question is,

 ‘Are you thinking of a birthday party for your goodself
 Are you not happy to just let it go pass unnoticed
Are you not letting them wonder
Is it not playing into the bewitching
or bitching syndrome?’

A revelation of one’s aging or of having aged
All the efforts of plastic surgeries anti-wrinkle creams
Unwittingly thrown to the winds
All because grannies and gramps agree
To having ‘one thrown for them’
You may not have to!
All are but out in the open
A birthday party for the oldies!

For Gay's hosting at d'Verse's MTB  -  birthday poems


  1. I'm happy to just let it pass...
    That is quite the spread for a one-year-old.

  2. Wow, what happens when two comes haha just another day to me now

  3. A grand feast for one so young. Excellent write Hank.

    Enjoy your week-end.

  4. When we overwhelm our grandchildren with gifts, sometimes for them, as they age, this becomes an entitlement. Makes me think of the children in war zones, mired in poverty, hungry; the balance is always tipped toward the HAVES.

  5. Celebrated or not the day rises up inside us, marking another passage, another year, of achievement or failed opportunities. If there is love in the giving, it is enough. As one ages one only needs just enough to get by, enough love, enough care, and enough energy to get through the goals set daily. Lovely poem. Thank you for linking! I'm wishing you a wonderful festival of the season and a healthy, productive new year!

  6. ha. you can keep the anti aging creams...and all the other things...I will age as a I will...none of us are immune to it....that is correct....might as well enjoy the view on the journey....

  7. I rather drop the birthday joys if it was not for the moment to be with friends.. and just maybe a little bit less for focus on those gifts we come to take for granted.

  8. Ha ha! i love the play on words of bewitching or bitching..

    and to me all nows of days are birth days and

    and well..

    my wife just does the other than.. as yin and yang..sing..:)

    in chorus...

    Happy Holidays!

  9. smiles... i don't mind the wrinkles...they're all honestly let's throw a party..smiles

  10. smiles - yes, I think aging gracefully is the best thing to happen - cool write, Hank. Merry Christmas.