Sunday, December 14, 2014

He ended in a crumpled mess

                                                                                              Attribution: Diego Goez
Image: A Drunk on the ground (here)

Bjorn's given words:
algid- cold chilly
hoy- a barge used in harbors 
vale- a valley
browbeat- to intimidate 
poromeric- synthetic leather substitutes.
scintilla- a minute particle
nightshade- of solanaceous plants 

Lost in the wilderness
In utter silence
Not unlike in a drunken stupor
Algid in repose
Time stood still

In his semi-conscious state
He was painfully aware
It was peaceful
A vale in the morning mist
He laid still as on a hoy

Flashbacks of the night before
played on his mind

Browbeaten into submission
Kind words followed with violence
Poromeric and rubber hoses
Used lavishly

Not a scintilla of remorse
On their part but
He ended in a crumpled mess
Even nightshade torn from the ground
Found his puffy eyes and swollen lips
All because of an innocent remark…

For Bjorn's hosting at #lqw wordle #15 and
Marian's Open Link Monday at Real Toads


  1. Whatever he did, hopefully he won't do it again.

  2. Sounds like he got a little more than he deserved.. hopefully he will move ahead and learn..

  3. this breaks my heart, so much needless violence in the world… self inflicted and otherwise.