Saturday, December 13, 2014

Fearing not to alert her

                                                                                                 Attribution: Yinan Chen
Image: Jungle Path seemingly Undisturbed  (here)

She is set to keep on going by herself
I still follow her tracks the path seems undisturbed
I check how the clump of trees react
I stand alone by an elder tree, I do not dare breathe
Fearing not to alert her
My lung bursting I can only gulp piranha-like
Free air swirling above my head
Still able not to splash about with the frenzy
Of cornering a victim

She stands and looks back just a wee bit
Not too far in front
Taking her time to determine the coast is clear
Awkwardly she steps out but missing a step
Sprawling unceremoniously on the ground
Of her face, and now she steps into the air, now she is gone
Nonchalantly sweeping across the puddle of brackish water
Looking back victorious in her desire
To slip out of my grips

She jumps floats and skips
Like a gazelle out of a trap but laughing
Knowing fully well no hunting dogs are in pursuit
It is a trivial matter too small and uncomplicated
But still she lacks the conscience
Karma will invariably catch up
I lay down my arsenal
To take a rest
I will not persist in hot pursuit

Note: The lines in italics are inspired from
Jame's Poem  -  Beginnings

For Grace's hosting of Sunday's Mini Challenge
at Real Toads - to be inspired by James Wright's poem


  1. Very well weaved.. I think of a doe escaping the hunter.. Love that thought.

  2. Yes, a deer outrunning a hunter is what I see.

  3. I am glad the gazelle escaped and you are not in hot pursuit ~ You really set the stage for this one Hank ~

    I am admiring your weaving of James Wright lines with your own ~

    Thanks for linking up with Real Toads and wishing you happy weekend ~

  4. The hunter lost, guess they had one too many beer lol

  5. I love how you wove the poet's words in with your own, and the story you fashioned. So well done!

  6. Yes, i too think of a doe being pursued by a hunter. Beautiful piece

  7. So well writ I feel I was there. Good one indeed Hank.
    Anna :o]

  8. You have captured the idea of poet in pursuit of a rare and shy beauty very well in this poem, Hank. Very well done.

  9. Well woven, Hank - I'm so please the creature got away.