Tuesday, December 23, 2014

He had to go before daybreak

                                                                              Author: US Fish and Wildlife Service
Image:  Sunrise Over the Desert (here)

Bjorn's given words:
absinthe -  strong alcoholic drink that is green and has a bitter taste
joss  -   thin stick of incense burned to produce a pleasant smell
tinsel  -  pieces of shiny material used as decoration at Christmas
idler  -  not working or being used
riptide  -  tide that opposes other tides causing a violent disturbance at sea
bluey  -  a bundle of possessions carried by a drifter
nutgall – a gall which forms inside the buds of hazel bushes due to 
presence of mites causing the buds to enlarge

Crimson yellow peeping over the horizon
Getting brighter by the minute but not fully
Just stirring up still dizzy feeling alone
It was already sunrise birds chirping incessantly

Effects of the absinthe made his head heavy
Incense from the joss-stick he wanted to dismiss
Felt like throwing up but kept his senses luckily
He had to go before daybreak he had promised

An idler not used to staying on the job for long
Helped with tinsel tying and decorations last night
Riptide of thoughts he was not where he belonged
His bluey on the ready waiting just to take flight

His inflamed nose still stinging as big as a night-gall
As yet to receive the stipend he was to get later
No reason to kiss the buds but how he regretted it all
For helping out but no one seemed to bother

For Bjorn's lqw wordle # 16 and
Magaly's Open Link Monday


  1. Now that was a challenging batch of words! And you pulled it off well.

  2. a bit sad that he regrets helping out..i feel for him though, being stuck in that cycle of not sticking around for a long time on much of anything...

  3. I feel this is like a Santa going a little bit too far.. I think the absinthe is worse the day after than eggnog or mulled wine...

  4. Some times you have to take a step back, helping out too much can burn one out

  5. These were challenging words to use together around a common theme. You have told a convincing story.

  6. You did well with the given words Hank. Great to read as always.

  7. A master... :) WOW that was AWESOME! Bjorn, you need to give him some new words..

  8. Okay, so... WHO is he, and where is he going at daybreak, and why??? Is he going AWAY or TO somewhere? Who did he promise? Himself? Maybe to never sleep in the same place 2 nights in a row? Will he be back for his stipend? Is there some big Christmas party planned that was decorated for? Will there be a lot of Important & Famous local people at the shindig? Very intriguing with plenty of mystery left. And to think you wrote this from a list of words -- wow.

    Blessings to you this Christmas season, my friend!

  9. What a perfect utilization of the words ... loved it :-)

  10. Enjoyed this. People seems to think it is hard, but it isn't!