Wednesday, December 31, 2014

it rises and falls to the beat

                                                                                            Attribution: Daniel Aragay
Image: Wild dancing styles (here)

The given words
few music grip  rise fall water bed
embrace steam feather shadow

few will consider it as music
it may grip the imagination
it rises and falls to the beat
but not causing much reaction

give a water-bed a chance
it is likely to do the same
it’ll embrace some movements
with perhaps lots of steam

while bed of feathers of old
a shadow of the current ones
more pleasant we are told
but are they still in production?

so also this new dance craze
no not a new Gangnam style
but making a lot of waves
youngsters left to their guile

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  1. Ha! Yes, indeed. You have used the words most productively in this poem, Hank.

    All the best for the year 2015!

  2. Oh yes.. And of course including an image of Ruslana makes me think of Ukraine, an all of the sudden the dancing becomes more sinister...

  3. interesting to match it to music... seemed very natural

  4. Probably throw out ones back trying to dance like that haha

  5. How unique to compare new and old dance to new and old beds! Happy New YEar, Hank.

  6. "so also this new dance craze" wonder how many generations used these words with a shake of their heads?

  7. I am always up for seeing something different and new because I know that eventually it will become the "new thing" that everyone will talk about. Expecting this to happen frequently this next coming year. Big things will brew.

  8. oh the old waterbed. yikes. :)

  9. hank! sorry for being so late, I've been working like a madman. thanks for adding your creative pen to the prompt, and happy new year ~