Sunday, December 14, 2014

Angels without a care in the world

                                                                                         Attribution: Robert Doisneau
Image: Fair use Courtesy of Mag (here)

The given words:
Spacecraft  spinning planets lunatics losers
forever angels endeavor say spread tangle

Spacecraft spinning out of control
Resembling a meteor hurtling to Earth
The planets are in a frenzy
There are a lot of wrong doings
A lot of happenings in the world
Righteousness is sidelined

The lunatics are having it their own way
Others are utterly confused
There are winners and losers
But not all are lost

The lovers are just as busy forever together
Angels without a care in the world
They care just for themselves
They exhibit their desires without recourse
They endeavor to show their feelings
To spread love and affections
Sometimes blatantly in public places
They come with a bang and say it
And they are fondly forgiven

Don’t mess around with those madly in love
Never get entangled
or to unnecessarily tangle with them
They live in their own sacred world!
They are happy
They expect others to be happy too!

For Tess' Magpie Tales #250 and
Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle # 191


  1. Ah is when the outside world doesn't not cross their paths as they may not love us for it! nicely penned Hank..magic with a caution

  2. Wow!! wish happiness was infectious
    have a beautiful Sunday

    much love...

  3. Nicely expressed!
    Lovers really feel so :)

  4. "Don’t mess around with those madly in love"

    Brilliant. Love the near threat in the line. It hints that there might be hell to pay if the "sacredness" of their love is touched by another...

    1. Ha! That was the line I loved best as well!

  5. I especially like the last two verses!

  6. The lunatics are having it their way....sure seems like it! But, oh, to be so madly in love again that everything else disappears.

  7. Letting everything else go as the love does flow, the way to be

  8. Love 'The lunatics are having it their own way' , kind of jealous of them.

  9. Aw, those poor lovers are getting a bad rap. That's what the world needs more of!

  10. It would be lovely not to have a care, but one has to have them to appreciate the good times. Good poem Hank.

  11. Maybe they are whats keeping us all safe , these lovers ?

  12. A really nice description of the cocoon frenzied love can wrap us in.