Monday, December 22, 2014

Impacting on luckless souls

                                                                                Attribution: Arches National Park
Image: Giant  Hairy Desert Scorpion (here)

the given words:
scorpion swelter desert ventilation cactus 
drumble (moving a slow or sluggish manner) 
bankrupt vile spectrum bead 

Ever seen a scorpion sweltering in the sun
Not any sun but in the hot and burning desert
Where morning dew could boil in minutes done
It crawled in drumble movements in little spurts

Sought ventilation just as some deprived homeless
A cactus perhaps or some concealed dim lit holds
Bankrupt of ideas but for both will to survive endless
Vile ways of society impacting on luckless souls

Spectrum of honor befitting those who slogged
Faced with unjust world of unscrupulous racketeers
Could be up against a solid wall strongly blocked
Where beads of sweat did not match their endeavors

For Mindlovemisery's Menagerie
Wordle #40 and
Magaly's at Open Link Mondays


  1. Sometimes those walls just won't come down

  2. You ponder deep, worthy thoughts

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  3. A fable/poem that holds a truism. Well done! Merry Christmas, to you and your family, Hank.

  4. The struggle of life, and we keep working through

  5. I feel sorry for those luckless souls.

    Merry Christmas, Hank!

  6. I could feel the struggle-your poem paints this view so well! Wow~

    Merry Christmas, to you and yours!

  7. I watched a show once where a woman who had a home in the desert had a scorpion infestation. While she was able to take measures to keep them out she wasn't sure anyone else would buy the home having to add that expense.

    At night she could go out with a black light and all the scorpions that had climbed on her home would just pop out like odd little designs.

    I guess if you are going to build in the desert you need to be very aware of what life lives there! It seems in this case Scorpions 1, homeowner 0.

    Thanks for your visit - best to you and yours, Jules

  8. That last stanza brings so many thoughts... So many times we fight, push, hold until our muscles and mind cry out. And still, we can't keep the worse from happening.

  9. the scorpions are built for their environment...
    harsh and unforgiving...they live on....

  10. That scorpion is a hardy animal ~ Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you ~

  11. I like that this can be taken literally or as analogy. Well done.

  12. Excellent use of the wordle Hank. Hope the holidays are good for you.