Sunday, December 28, 2014

Regret often the wages of blunder

                                                                                           Attribution: Peter Trimming
Image: A Red Squirrel (here)

The given words:
silent holy arrival alone chime stray
plain laughing ingest scar sigh pale

Silent as a holy sage meditating in the night
Its arrival alone on the quiet without a chime
A stray or perhaps a straggler looking for a bite
Not bothered of the cold but bidding its time

Unlike the old lady with a stocked  larder
Plain to see it made a grave misjudgement
Sudden turn for the worse of the weather
Meant an empty stomach in hibernation

No laughing matter with none to ingest
A scar on its conscience of a failed winter
Sigh! Pale element lacking foresight to invest
Utter regret often the wages of blunder

Brenda's hosting at Sunday Whirl 
Wordle # 193


  1. The wise squirrel stores a few acorns for the coming year...what a wonderful title and poem...a knowing message for a new year...maybe it be happy one for you Hank

  2. Never seen failed winter here, in so get prepared and bite away! ~ love your style, Hank! ~ Happy New Year! x

  3. Plenty to ponder here, from the title down. Happy New Year

  4. Have to have a little foresight or one may be screwed

  5. Poor squirrel may have missed the boat

  6. Excellent use of the words, Hank. I love the last stanza. A very happy new year to you. Thanks for checking on me, I am doing okay considering.


  7. It's always best to plan ahead, unless you're a squirrel living on a college campus, in which case, just chase down the nearest person with a backpack.