Monday, December 8, 2014

Schedule packed with activities

                                                                                          Attribution: Brian Kerrigan
Image: Secretary at her Desk (here)

The given words:
stone  casual  spare  revolving  beggar
block traffic key fever chapped  souvenir

Not etched in stone but still it 
was not just a casual encounter
He spared no efforts  to determine
that his presence revolving around a
schedule packed with activities
was well taken care of

Being a beggar to uphold strict principles
he blocked off certain unnecessary
encroachments of heavy traffic
bidding for his time

Discipline was maintained by Girl Friday
key to his time management

A fever pitched day was broken up
into little sectors to impose and
maintain sanity
Too much talking could result in
chapped lips as a souvenir

For Mindlovemisery's Menagerie Wordle #38 and
Magaly's hosting at Real Toad's  Open Link Monday 


  1. Another great poem from you Hank. You do have the knack of combining the given words into your verse. Great read.

  2. Replies
    1. Fatal mistake if it's in a scientific paper unless discussions revolve around the subject matter!


  3. Too much talk will break up any schedule...

  4. chapped lips from too much talking? what if you are doing the talking around the water fountaing? ;)

  5. The last two lines ends the poem with a bang!

  6. Had to smile at the chapped lips. I enjoyed this, Hank.

  7. I thought of chapped lips gotten from gossip...
    Not something your gent would put up with -
    His Gal Friday must be compensated well for keeping up with his demands. :)

    My combo piece 'Bubbles' was based on reality. Maybe that's why it seems to be striking a deep cord. Reality oft makes for great fiction. As long as the true identities are kept secret.

    1. It did Jules! Often times we are told that writers draw back on their experiences. That certainly makes their writings very realistic. Thanks!


  8. "...broken up
    into little sectors to impose and
    maintain sanity.."

    I think I do this. Beautiful write.

  9. Have to stick on point if you want to get it done, but need to leave a little room in there just in case things go another way

  10. Wow ... what a carousel of visions! Love it! Bastet

  11. { must admit the whole sounds pleasant to the ear. Well done

  12. …not to mention tired feet and an exhausted mind. If it were only chapped lips!

  13. Enjoyed! Well wordled!