Saturday, August 31, 2013

Risshuu and Beautiful Japanese Moon

                                                                                      Attribution: Petritap
Image:  Beautiful Autumn Colors
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Risshuu, shedding of
leaves but full of colors with
Japan’s moon yonder

Liken to life’s fling
to maturity before
old age feel beckons

Melancholic stroll to
cold spell but signals start of
new activities

Back to School, sports and
Halloween, a plate full of
promotions galore

Written for Chev's CARPE DIEM #286 - Risshuu (coming of autumn)


  1. i love the fall...and all the color in the leaves right before dying....def the turn of the season brings plenty of things...

  2. Your poem is like a stroll on an autumn day!

  3. The fall sure shows much indeed, although not sure the kids are happy about back to school haha

  4. WOW! This paints autumn in al it's beauty ... I love it ... autumn is really my season. I like the colors of the leaves and finally the bare branches ... the scent of chrysanthemum and the cooling down of the weather. Wonderfully done Hank.

  5. love that line: promotions galore....

  6. Always a full set... love the first one.. wonderful set this first day of season words-

  7. A nice stroll through the change of seasons taken as a whole. Very nice.

  8. your opening haiku with the leaves and moon captivated me - as your entire haiku verses. thank you for a lovely moment.