Saturday, August 31, 2013

Having Fun with Slogans

                                                                                           Attribution: Kici
Image: A Big Mac
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Dell says Get More out of Now
Ford was Built for the Road Ahead
Take Me To The Hilton take a bow
With Intel Inside

Connecting People is Nokia’s concern
Oh Thank Heaven for 7-Eleven
The Company for Women, that’s Avon
For women too
The Ultimate Driving Machine BMW

Relax, It's FedEx

At JC Penny
It's all Inside
I'm Lovin' It, that's McD
Nike says Just Do It

Brian is hosting with slogans at d’Verse Poetics: Rattling the Stick inside the Swill Bucket


  1. nice...i like the nokia one and just could not fit it in...connecting people...hey i am all about rip hank...

  2. Just do it, that could have multiple meanings

  3. Very cool, Hank! You've covered so many bases here.... I wouldn't mind having the Ultimate Driving Machine!

  4. ha - smiles... nice mix here hank - i heard that intel inside was one of the most popular slogans ever

  5. haha you got a ton, a fun slogan run

  6. At one time when Nokia employees had too much overtime rumours have it that they said

    Nokia, connecting people disconnecting families...

  7. Interesting weaving of these slogans!

  8. Enjoyed your slogan collage, Hank. Reading these makes me realize how much we're influenced by ads that we don't even notice at the time.

  9. Nice mixing of all the slogans Hank ~ Happy Saturday to you~

  10. Nice recall and/or research, as your piece resonates both with the prompt and my own approach to the poem. Little did JC Penny know, probably, that their slogan, IT'S ALL INSIDE is the metaphysical New Age mantra; small universe, isn't it?

  11. Good incorporation of slogans. Cool job! :-)

  12. Cool indeed - reads so well - just flows!
    Anna :o]

  13. I know ALL of these
    scary, isn't it?

  14. Hank, fun to read the mix of slogans..I guess these marketers know their business as I knew them.

  15. Haha-very fun! Im lovin it- that's Mcd..Just made me laugh. Great mix!

  16. Neat. Funny how I couldn't remember any--and couldn't find any real good ones on TV either. I did watch some real trashy little sitcoms, though. And I remember lots and lots of jingles from another century ...

  17. A glorious collection of slogans, well stitched together, Hank.

  18. Well done...Even got one of my weaknesses, McD Big Mac, one a
    month it is sooo bad for you. That is my limit. I remember the old ones too.