Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What Could have Been.....!

                                                                                           Attribution: Luisisbeast
Image: A Loving Couple.
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Three Word Wednesday with words,
Distraught, Habitual, Regulate

Reflecting on what could have been
A feeling of a let-down tugged at his conscience
They were teenage sweethearts growing up together
She was like a sister emotionally attached to him
He was likewise a brother protective of her well-being
They were close to tying the knot even
Each whispering sweet nothings to cherish together

Why was it allowed to go along the path it did
He left for a little while and she did not wait
There was no word and things were left to chance

He was distraught upon seeing her now
It was a far cry from what he had wanted her to have
When in their moments of togetherness
Of emotional attraction a teenage couple
They had eloquently professed to sacrifice for each other
Nothing physical just plain and innocent
Of wanting to emulate those successful
Those who managed somehow to regulate their lives
Seeing material richness and riches and emotional salvation
Successfully binding on just love alone

It just wasn’t fair, not fair at all
If only she had not been habitual
A handicap she imposed upon herself
It could have been blissful
It wrought a naked path of dire straits
Which he could not fathom
It was with a tinge of regret
That what they had lovingly talked about
Just fizzled out into nothingness
It was a pity, a real pity
It brought tears to his eyes!

Written for 3WW


  1. Can worry about thinking about it or make it happen, either way you are always gonna wonder when there are two pathes, no matter which one you take.

    1. Thanks once again for correcting the July 24,2013 episode.

      It's such a relief! Looks like 35 is now a bench-mark to break, not 20! Hee..hee!


  2. ah it can be a long life dwelling on what could have been...we make the decisions as best we can and then have to learn to live...and that the other path no longer exists....

  3. Yes, the road not taken can cause all sorts of bother if you bother too much about it.

  4. the path not taken sometimes people wonder about that but I believe we have all chosen a path that we need to be on to learn and grow. the past is the past leave it behind and don;t think of it as so rosy when it probably wasn't meant to be. great poem

  5. Whatever has to be will be, and dwelling in the past just blurs the road ahead!! Nice take with the prompt words Hank!!