Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Erotic Fan Dance

                                                                             Attribution: User AngMoKio
Image: A Sequence in a Fan Dance
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Sophistication for a lady
Served a purpose of elegance
A fan a functional accessory
Useful in some situations

A fan dance commonly seen
In many cultures in the East
Of traditional dance sequence
As an accessory of modesty
To hide the lower part of the face
In a coy manner of pretense
Found credence in Spanish flamenco
Even in some instances

Nothing compared to traditional dances
commercialized and tainted with adaptations
where erotic movements were thrown in
And despite dancers were covered
but of seemingly nude illusions
By whatever little could be hidden
Behind a couple of ostrich feather fans
Such were the wonders of Sally Rand
Arrested even in the act of performance
Deemed to be lewd and outrageous
First performed in the years of the Depression
Found acceptance through the ages
Appeared on stage even into the 70's
And paradoxically an advocate of niceties 

Written for d'Verse OpenLinkNight week #110


  1. Those illusions were fun to give a look haha don't see them much anymore for sure

  2. well you had me at the title...ha...it is like the mating dance...a showing of the feathers...a strut...the allure of dance...well it has me intrigued...smiles.

    1. sorry i dropped the ball linking you today...smiles.

    2. I guess as much! Not at all! In my mind it was a toss-up with Mary! Now it's confirmed. Thanks Brian!


  3. ...very very asian Hank.... fan dance is like a creative depiction of courting among peacocks or pavos.... def has certain elegance that captivates & mesmirizes.... loved it... smiles...

  4. When I think of a fan dance I think of the erotic and exotic and lots of swishing long dresses. Lovely descriptive images.

  5. A very intimate dance the dance of fans..intriguing poem..

  6. I like the fan dancing Hank, it reminds me of native cultural dances ~ Funny how it considered so lewd in those times, now its just entertainment ~

  7. Very interesting, Hank. I think humans can learn a lot from the birds such as peacocks....who really know how to court. LOL. As Grace said, I can't imagine it being lewd either....I consider it a beautiful performance really. I am going to have to look up Sally Rand!

  8. Sitting in a mid-summer Moctezuma, Mexico church as dogs wandered up the aisle and collapse on the alter, fatigued, I was ever so happy to have my fan with me. So too, would I be happy, if obliged to dance in a certain sort of club. Fans, I daresay, are my friends!
    Have missed you Hank!


  9. ha! that is lovely. What a fun read!
    The fan dance is indeed intriguing. It is beautiful and glorifies the persona of a woman.

  10. smiles...sometimes there's more erotic in the covering up than in the showing too much

  11. Fans have a long and varied history in every culture - they are part of courtship, the wedding ceremony, flirtation after marriage, and in themselves quite beautifully decorated. Many were brought back to the states of Japan after WWII. I still have the one my uncle gave me on my bedroom dresser. It is carved wood draped with silk and hand painted in red and yellow roses. Liked your poem. Nice exploration of the subject - missed Gypsy Rose Lee with gloves and a fan I believe.

  12. It must be a beautiful dance to see. Nice of you to pay tribute to it. Wonder if you've seen it performed.

  13. This brought a smile to my face as I imagined the dance.😊

  14. I hadn't thought of fan dances for so long. What a great image--the photo and the poem. This could be an interesting story/history to research. Write it!

  15. I like the fan dancing Hank, lovely capture.