Thursday, August 22, 2013

Seeing Double Up There

                                                                                 Attribution: David Armer
Image: Thunderbirds in a Reversed Stacking Order
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

High up above there in the heavens
A classic show of outright confidence
Alone as if holding hands together
Skilled notions in a reversed order

In a world of uncanny precision
Lost in marked concentration
Wrought in risks and danger
Oblivious but pursuit of adventure
Puts the yardstick to measure
For Man and machine together

(55 Words)

Brian hosting on his birthday today at d'Verse with Meeting the Bar: Getting Tight
to write a story in 55 words in line with G-man's Friday Flash 55


  1. Man and machine has to work together indeed. A fault at any end could be hazardous.
    Interesting tale and I liked the picture you portrayed in this creation.

  2. Oh my, that really looks like a frightening feat, Hank. I would hate to be a family member of one of those daredevil pilots!!

  3. Goodness that is quite an air show ~ Would love to see this one day ~ Happy day Hank ~

  4. I might be a little afraid to see just how close man and machine come to becoming one.

  5. I once saw the American jets known as the Blue Angels practicing in southern California. I guess a pilot would rather be doing that than get shot down over Afghanistan, but it's scary to watch.
    You've given us a good description of the precision required for such a feat, Hank. Well done.

  6. that is way crazy and def takes not only precision but also trust in the other pilot as well...the slightest mistake could def cost lives.....

  7. precision... oh, I've seen air shows as I used to live in Dayton Ohio. It is truly hard to believe even when seen with ones own eyes.

  8. more coat of paint...your words really nail the tension and danger of their stunts.

  9. One inch the wrong way and surely have a bad day

  10. Live near two AFB's, Have seen many air shows, some visable from my front lawn! Blue Angels and Thunderbirds are incredible, but I think the Snowbirds from Canada are my favorites. Not as fast, but beautiful in their execution. Their Fleur-de-lis is superb!

  11. oh i love to watch them fly... a beautiful example how man and machine can reach perfection togehter

  12. nice precision tribute, Hank

    ALOHA, Friend
    from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

  13. Nice! There is a point where they live and fly as one, and the a step over the line and they meld forever into a flaming wreck. Your words, as always, capture it well.

  14. Have to be very careful and trusting for sure

  15. I just love the roar of a jet....
    Welcome to the world of 55.
    Thank you so much for this perfect little story
    you are welcome to play anytime
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End

  16. That takes some skill and courage. I like to watch these daredevil acts.

  17. That certainly does take a lot of courage to do something like that! I know I'd much prefer to have my feet solidly on the ground.

  18. ...oh no... that's both looked scary & amazing... humans are really amazing today.... nice one Hank... smiles...

  19. Crazy scary those daredevils be..

  20. Wow. The picture really looks as if they're touching. There's no turning back - the future is all about man and machine. Good job here Hank.

  21. Agree with Myrna above. The words match the picture driving right to the end, sort of takes your breath away.