Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Sound of Silence

                                                                                             Attribution: Vera de Kok
Image: A Musical Group Waiting to Start
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

A mind entangled with tumultuous yearnings
Searching furiously for its hidden beginnings
Silence hooked up in relentless pursuit
Searching furtively for the right mood

Suspiciously without a sound but groping
Surreptitiously in the dark to make its bidding
Because a vision softly creeping
Seemed to be guardedly approaching

Slowly it advanced a shadowy apparition
Unfriendly in make up an unwelcome intrusion
And whispered in the sound of silence
Loud decibels shrieked but not apparent

The wrath of musical talents pressing to perform
Wretched were those wanting to make it stagnant
Squirming backstage in resigned frustrations
Wondering  to go ahead and plug the equipments

No, the apparition was the power that be
Dawned on the group,  appeasing him was priority
It wouldn’t pay messing around with the decision maker
A musical ensemble in abeyance waiting for an answer

Note: The lines in italics are part of the lyrics from the Simon and Garfunkle's
hit, the Sound of Silence

Written for Mary's hosting at Poetry Jam - to write something relating to The Sound of Silence and to inlude some of lyrics from the song if necessary


  1. Hank, to begin with, I've played and sung with a lot of bands. The moments before the first notes are played, the most crucial... the question asked, "Is the spirit really here with us tonight?" Whatever you call it - the muse, the urge, creativity, connection - when you hit it, you touch the divine.

    Beautiful post, my friend. Amy

    1. That's crucial! The connection should set the mood. You're still singing, Amelita! You are the celebrity I would wish to see! How nice!


  2. alchemical poetry, Hank

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

  3. ah def pay homage to the spirit you know...i agree with amy...there is this sweet spot that when it happens you just go with it because you are not guaranteed to hit it every night....

  4. For me, Hank, you have described here a bit of the tension right before going on stage. I can feel it in your poem. Nice.

  5. When all comes together the stage any one can weather

  6. I love what you did with the prompt, Hank.

  7. ...ah, silence is def a powerful thing --- it can either bring you peace or bring you horror.... befriend it or not...it will hit you... you just can't resist.... you nailed it Hank... you really do... you have described everything here so well.... loved it! smiles...

  8. You've captured it here so well, Hank. I love the way you wove their lyrics throughout your poem.

  9. Masterful the way you seamlessly included those wonderful lyrics ... lovely poetry, Hank!

  10. Like music itself you built a wonderful crescendo into your poem and the lyrics blended beautifully! :-)

  11. Very creative, Hank, to include one line of song's lyric into each of your stanza. Whole pallet of feelings have musicians before performance,including doubt...familiar theme for me...

  12. Hushed silences can echo "Loud decibels" --this is where the simplicity of silence abounds...!!Have given some stage-performances, hence I hear you well, Hank :)
    Beautiful poetry!

  13. well done...thanks for sharing this

  14. I like the haunting images created here. The "apparition" reminds me of the Phantom of the Opera, always lurking backstage.

  15. This is quite haunting and full of interesting thoughts, quite beautiful

  16. ...the nervous energy, the searching, before a performance is really captured in that first stanza!