Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Sunday Whirl

Image: Courtesy of Sunday Whirl

Sunday Whirl with the following words:
bitter cries enough fierce filters gusting 
keep out pieces springs south train

bitter cries filter through,
putting enough feelings of success
into his train of thoughts

the gusting winds carried the sounds
of fierce barking further south
clearly the deer and the doe are
surrounded within the clump of
bushes in the center

the hunters try to keep pieces of
information that springs out of the
crackling wireless set to a low volume

it will be just a matter of time!


  1. poaching is a serious threat not only to wildlife, but to human life also as it imbalances natural ecological cycle.

  2. Very thought provoking...Thanks Hank for such a treat.. I have tried weave something around twelve words...


  3. So sad for the deer and the doe!!

  4. For all our years of evolving we still can't shed the primeval desire to hunt. Is there no hope for us?

  5. it will indeed....pretty cool the hunting story you got out of this hank...have to imagine it would be pretty exciting following the hounds...

  6. Traps should be set for pochers...why can't they just leave wildlife alone?

  7. Sitting there so still in the bushes so long, sure not for me

  8. Hank, I am not a fan of hunting, but you've written a succinct little story here, and the second stanza is gorgeous.


  9. a good write, a tale well told, have a nice Sunday

    much love...

  10. Powerfully done and I so feel for the deer and the doe!

  11. thoughtful poem, sorry for deers...

  12. See, this is why I don't hunt, Hank! I'm too busy rooting for the deer.

    Having said that, you took the Wordle in an entirely unique direction, and there was not a single "forced" word, you know what I mean. Every single word was relevant. Great job, Amelita

  13. Nice tale, Hank, and well stitched together with those pesky words.

    ~ Misky