Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Scrambling for #1

                                                                                Attribution: Pat Hatt
Image: Pat Hatt Did me Proud for Creating  the Image Above (here)
(thanks a lot Pat and with your kind permission, Sir!)

Two Free Verses
Hank is elated
He had long waited
For today  it’s a personal victory
He chalked 20 firsts
A Double Ten
A winning streak
Without a break

Pat and the Cat named Orlin
They make an entry every mornin’
Sharp at 7.00 if one wishes to know
Great stars in their rhyming show

A Limerick
Pat and Olin at their best
Preceded mornings of the rest
Others scrambled
Others  fumbled
To be first at their behest

A Haiku 
Pat and Olin must
both be laughing for making
them lose precious sleep

Postcript: I received this notation from Pat datelined August 14, 2013

"Pat Hatt August 14, 2013 at 8:53 AM
FYI your streak is now 35 in a row. I checked my spam today and you were there. That one on the 24th puts you in front of John"

I've now corrected the records below (but not the narration) It's official. My bid
on July 24, at 7.00am went to spam. Pat had graciously retraced and corrected it
at his July 24,2013 posting (here) whereby I was reinstated as #1 at 7.00am instead
of John at 7.02am. This means my unbeaten streak is now from July 10 till August 13
making it an incredible 35 firsts unbroken!

For the Records
It is quite a scramble to be the first at Pat Hatt's. There are many contenders
fumbling at 7.00am when Pat opens his gates. There were 2 occasions when
4 came in all at 7.00am sharp. It was a dead-heat, a photo-finish! I achieved
a stretch of  20 firsts today Aug 13, 2013 (here). In  fact I nearly did it at 14
at a stretch going for 20 but was stifled by John on July 24.

Earlier on I was doing 9 for a first perfect 10 but Rosie stopped me on May 22.
It was most frustrating! I soldiered on and achieved my first perfect 10 at the
next stretch on June 01. It was such a relief! I chalked up 81 firsts within a
period of 3.5 months from May. For the duration I managed FOUR perfect
10's and some near misses! 

It was a real tough fight in May and some days in June. But in the later stages
it was a lot easier. Whew! 
July 10–  Aug 13                                   35 (corrected)
July 09 – John
July 02 – July 08                                     7
July 01 – Yeamie
June 25 – June 30                                   6
June 24 – John
June 23 – Jyoti
June 22 – Manzi
June 21                                                   1
June 20 – John
June 13 – June 19                                  7
June 11/12 Yeamie
June 08 – June 10                                  3
June 05/07 – Yeamie
June 03/04 – John
June 02 - A Daft Scots Lass
May 23 – June 01                                  10
May 22- Mail4Rosie
May 13 – May 21                                    9
May 12 – Claudia
May 11 – Loredana  
May 10                                                     1
May 09 –John
May 08                                                     1
May 07 – John
May 06                                                     1
May05 – Yeamie
May 04                                                     1
May03 – Yeamie
May 02 – Mail4Rosie
May 01 – John                                        ____
                                      Total                   81 

Written for Grace's hosting at d'Verse's OpenLinkNight week #109


  1. ha. way to rub it in hank...smiles....before my teaching job my name might have been on there just a bit more...you def steal the top spot all the time...smiles.

    1. I would have wanted to go down to Jan 'cos had quite some success there. You could have appeared there too I guess! Thanks Brian!


  2. LOL damn Hank, you really keep count better than I. Yes, I kinda do think it is funny that many lose sleep hahaha summer many are slackers too, but not you. Awesome.

    1. Told myself I would have to make a posting. This way I would have a record for posterity. Not just that but I also seek your kind permission to have your image appear at the right at my blog list like Mary did. Thanks a lot Pat!


    2. haha so funny how you know when all came in like Claudia. Use away and now you will always have proof at your bay

  3. haha...some people's places are just crowded...i think i never managed to be no. 1 at pat's place...smiles

    1. Yes you did Claudia! It was on May 12,2013! You came in at 8.14am beating Cuban in London by one minute! Yes, you did!


  4. Wow, Hank, you have some record! And I am impressed with your record keeping as well. Hope you continue your lucky run.

  5. My hats off to you ~ How you can keep a record is also worth mentioning ~ Happy day Hank ~

  6. I am lost here I am sure it's something you have to there for. LIked the mix of form though and thanks for stopping by!

  7. Wow, I'm gonna have to try and get #1 once

  8. Hank

    This is too funny...Pat and his cat got you hooked at their mat
    making the top spot my hats off to you. The wanted poster post was hilarious. That was a funny day a the cat's bay.

  9. Hmm I'm a tad bewildered myself (like Sam) cool poster and go you for keeping stats on the Patt Hatt's …nope lost it flat :-(

  10. Too funny! Congrat with 20 firsts! Thanks for joining my blog! :)

  11. fun, fun, fun Hank... thanks for your kind words over at my space:-)