Friday, August 30, 2013

Elusive Inner Peace

                                                                                 Attribution: Ian Petersen
Image: Peaceful Scene before the Snow Shower
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Spreading an inner
feel, unwittingly prodding
an undisturbed mind

Searching for truth as
peace within rare as shooting
stars on starless nights

Unsettled bubbling
breaking tranquility with
staccato outbursts

Unwind slowly to
voices of reason lurking
deep - for salvation

Written for Chev's CARPE DIEM #285 - peace within


  1. can be hard to grasp, but makes it all the better when found

  2. like the butterfly ~ tao is elusive but always able to get back to the peace ~ visualize self floating down a river and flow with the tao is what I have read ~ very contemplative and well penned haiku ~ carol ^_^

  3. The second one especially resonated with me. Beautiful set!

  4. i think in some way we are all looking for that truth....that is there, though some days its elusive....

  5. I agree with Brian, I think we are all looking for truth and inner peace. Some days it seems we have found it, only to have it slip away and begin the search once more. Lovely poem!

  6. Peace within is sometimes elusive that's true, but we all are seeking for our balance and that balance is hard to find in the world we live in now. Peace within we can find through meditation, contemplation and writing haiku ... all very strong Zen-Buddhistic things.
    A wonderfully composed series haiku Hank thank you for sharing.

  7. wish I had an 'undisturbed mind'! I love the ambiguity in this set....

  8. Nice flow of thoughts on inner peace.