Wednesday, August 7, 2013

It's a Tuft War

Image: Two Geckos Determining their Tufts
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here) 

It’s the way of the world
When there’s two of a kind
It’s a duplicate of sorts
It would be just fine

If they can find their own tufts
But as always the case
It’s space and acting terse
Instinct determines the pace

Just a quibble and they erupt
They take positions aggressively
The equation is quick to disrupt
They bite lash and gnarled incessantly

They just go berserk without warning
Like the dog in the manger reacting
Not unlike a human provoked parrying
Off blows after blows contending

Each having as much rights
To wrench away at victory
Insisting to resolve to fight
To retain a semblance of authority

Written for 3WW with words berserk duplicate and quibble


  1. A battle that may not end well for one. Unless they shake and decide it is done!

  2. it's so true they always want to have the upper hand

  3. each having rights to wrench away...ha...yes very human that...we all want our turf...something to call our own...even at the expense of others at times...

  4. Turf has been fought over since forever

  5. the lizard brain in all of us...

  6. seems to be the norm for all species...

  7. thing is sure, no one wins in this kind of mentality... we only get hurt and damaged and pitiful... i still prefer love in all kind of ways... smiles...

  8. It's the same the world over, isn't it, Hank? I'm not sure I'd be happy if someone tried to steal our house. But if anyone wants to buy it...

  9. We pity these poor critters fighting but can't see our images in the mirror!

  10. Hank this reminded me of your first love - boxing, Muhammad Ali and Cassius Clay!! ;) with you as the referee experiencing it!!