Saturday, August 3, 2013

Musical Sounds Unplugged

                                                                             Attribution: WSM radio
Image: Hank Williams Publicity Photo 1951
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Just a minute all that it takes
And a change of instruments
To those who wanted to return to makes
That brought fun to their generation 

Of music they were used to before
Of instruments not tainted by fashion
Just plain natural acoustics and more
Transmitting the string’s vibrations

In a sound box to amplify the sound
At its own resonances and frequencies
Of the strings plucked with a plectrum
Of bygone days with all its melody

Before the advent of artificial interferences
In loud sound fare of electronics
Talents of a lone entertainer enhanced
The finesse of good music

Of bass guitar melody or rhythm
Unplugged and holding court
Of an awesome performance
All on his own accord

Written for Fred's hosting at d'Verse with Poetics:  unplugged and
Poets United's Poetry Pantry #161


  1. Even though I was born much much later, I feel nostalgic about the music of 60's and 70's.
    Today music is all about recording studios; we do not even get to hear the actual symphony- particular beat or a specific note and even the original voice of the singer.
    I loved reading your creation.. good job! :-)

  2. unplugged music is much more immediate... that's probably why i love the buskers in the streets as some of them weave magic just with their unplugged guitar and voice

  3. yeah unplugged music does bring a whole more sense of closeness and intimacy, definitely love when the amps go off and it's just a musician and his instruments. Great write. thanks

  4. nice...i love unplugged music...there used to be a show called Mtv unplugged where the artist did their songs was so cool....the sound so much more it...

  5. I definitely like both... and there is actually a trend back towards unplugged and instruments. At least i see those musicians. ... and listen to their recordings (plugged in)... And if I need acoustic volume I go for symphony orchestras.

  6. Love these lines

    "Transmitting the string’s vibrations"
    "In a sound box to amplify the sound
    At its own resonances and frequencies"


  7. I love acapella... interspersing write

  8. Being unplugged sounds a bit more real indeed, don't mind either at my feed

  9. Something tells me that you were a bit of a wild thing and in a band when you were young Hank!:)

  10. unplugged is nice..a voice with a acoustic guitar can go really it is real and raw in the moment.

  11. I see the prompt took us both to the music concept of unplugged! It must seem dull to those who grew up plugged in, but it's a lot easier to hear and understand the lyrics! Nice, Hank.

  12. Yes indeed, Hank, there IS something to be said for natural acoustics. Something the younger generation will never know. I am glad I lived through those days. Nice unplugged poem...I always enjoy a bit of nostalgia.

  13. back then, music was definitely much more authentic. very cool, Hank - thanks for a great journey to days long past.

  14. the Blues & Jazz and early rock and roll, all where unplugged. When the pick-ups appeared and the electronics, and the engineering, it was wonderful, but not music seems manufactured. I still cannot tell the difference between Madonna, Britney, Miley, Pink, or any of the other mechanical voice tracks. Only a few can really sing, really play, and yes, they are to be cherished.

  15. I loved that music too, Hank - a man and a guitar - and a whole lot of soul.

  16. very very true! it was not easy then and now technology does most of it but for the vocals. In indian music there have been instances of a famous musician thumping the shoulders to get a rhythm.

  17. I have always loved old music, a big fan of the fifties and sixties. The picture of Hank Williams brings back memories of my dad singing his songs while driving, I grew up knowing almost all the words to his favorites. Love this poem!

  18. I started loving rock and folk simultaneously, full on and unplugged. I enjoy your poem.