Thursday, August 1, 2013

Wonders of The Universe

                                                                             Attribution: NASA Odessa3
Image: Jupiter as Seen in Space (see note below)
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Jupiter seen by Voyager I probe with blue filter. One image was taken every Jupiter day
(approximately 10 hours). These pictures were taken from 01/06 to 02/03, 1979 ; and
Voyager 1 flew from 58 million to 31 million kilometers from Jupiter during that time. The
small, round, dark spots appearing in some frames are the shadows cast by the moons
passing between Jupiter and the Sun, while the small, white flashes around the planet, are
the moons themselves - Wiki

The wonders of the Universe
Movements on its own momentum
An inertia driven witnessed
in light years from a distance
A clock-work precision

Jupiter not naked eyes
can peek from afar
but with telescopic help
Sighted rings of dust!
Artistically inclined
Revolving every ten hours

(Each stanza is of 140 characters as counted through Design215 Character Counter)

Written for Sam's hosting at d"Verse Forms for All Twitter: Poetry As Semaphore where
Sam brilliantly created a twitter-like posting of 140 characters making it a convenient stanza.


  1. Wonders indeed, as much out there we will never understand. as Jupiter revolves round and round.

  2. oh wow...that is pretty cool...and very totally fascinates me....

  3. Hi Hank,

    I like this as I am a stargazer..the wonders of the universe delight me.

  4. You should tweet this, if you haven't already… Really loved this. Back in the 80s I bought all the books I could afford on stargazing...

    1. Ninot Ma'am,
      I have an inactive twitter a/c. Yes, it's about time. I'll have to start tweeting looks like! Thanks Ma'am!


    2. I do tweet my poems that I really like @ninotaziz

  5. I always have a fondness for Jupiter as a planet (my fav of Holst's), and I caught myself gazing at this for a long time. Nice one, Hank.

  6. how cool... the clock work precision fascinates me and cool would it would be to enter a space ship and discover with our own eyes

  7. Yes, it is truly amazing that we can now receive such images.

  8. wow! Hank this is son would love this ..he is crazy about everything in solar system...

  9. Being both a scientist and a writer, it's hard for me to resist this poem - which uses the magic of words to expound on yet another magic, that telescopic and astronomical wonder that is our planetary system. A marvel!

  10. wow.. I liked the image a lot..
    it's animating pretty nicely..

    Universe is indeed full of surprises.. so many we are yet to find out.

  11. Thanks to the wonders of Science, we are learning more about the universe though it will remain ever mysterious and awesome. :-)