Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Sunday Whirl

Image: Courtesy of The Sunday Whirl

Sunday Whirl Wordle #122 with words:
degrees dreamed floor heart if nestled period persuaded space 
stay tribute vision years

The floor gave way and his heart sank
As if it was not bad enough already
It was that period of a lull in sales.

The fault in part was not so much in
the degrees of intensity of marketing
efforts of his division but more so in the
marketing mix envisaged for the outfit.

There was no attempt to really consider
a revision or even an adoption of a new
version that could well have a positive impact

The strategies persuaded for the ensuing
years ahead stayed in a space nestled in 
the mind of the CEO whose resistance to 
change had been the bane of the management

It was ostensibly a tribute to the founder’s
vision who died recently. His ideas were
considered archaic which could no longer
hold water in the face of rational decision
making and progress in a changing market

But nobody dreamed or dared  to suggest a
change. His eldest son who was now an advisor
but regarded an imbecile in the business was
calling the shots!


  1. Ha, that is quite a tale. An imbecile calling the shots is NOT a good thing!!

  2. sad in that holding onto tradition the company might die...i wonder if there is a way to honor the memory but also the new ideas as well....

  3. Well sooner or later the business will sink ~ If a company will not adapt to change, it will go out of business ~

  4. Uggg imbeciles are not fun to work for or with, and have to change with the times

  5. Gosh, that was some read. Makes me want to know how things turn out. I like that you chose a business theme for your poem.

  6. Does anyone ever really like the boss? Perhaps that is the way to maintain the necessary distance between employer and employee? Your tone remains clear and relatable throughout,


  7. Ah the more businesses change, the more they stay the same! So frustrating!

  8. Have to change with the times, a sad fate

  9. I'm waiting for someone to be called a becile. Nice one, Hank ~ M

  10. A lot of places are going under because of the unwillingness to change and adapt. Nice one!

  11. What a horrifying situation for the employees. Yoiks. You set the scene so clearly, Hank.

  12. Hank,

    And that is the new vision with the realities of the experts of today...There may not be a tomorrow!!


  13. Hank, it is the way of the world, unfortunately. Well stated.


  14. Sounds as though looking for new new may be in order. So many hours of you life are spent working so it is best to enjoy it.

  15. Good for nothing sons are always the cause of the downfall of family businesses, nurtured well by the family elders, with or without changes brought about, it is doomed!! An idea for a good debate!!

  16. Oh well done - I tried this (the Wordle)and gave up!
    Anna :o]


  17. wish the real world was not like this............

  18. Oh, don't you just hate it when imbeciles call the shots? :)

  19. Some people cling to tradition despite all evidence to the contrary. This happens, not just in business, but in life!