Saturday, August 24, 2013

It's All About Advertising

                                                                             A Fishy Story - Judith Clay
Image: Courtesy through Claudia at d"Verse

Time in its life that twirls
When a fish of a kind
In need of space to move
Determines its directions
To fulfill a need to secure
Some form of freedom

Does it help to test a form
To let it be known to the world
For want of a better way
Than to seek the kind help
Of newspaper's sway
With their kind of spin and spat
So to speak a walking advert 
But considering the situation
a phenomena a swimming insert
Is bandied about incessantly
For posterity

A ‘sandwich carrier’ likely it seems
That walks the pavements, a lone being
Through a dense underwater scene
That’s how it is to be so keen
Now weaving between stumps
To adequately be seen not in the dumps
An underwater advertising!
Nothing serious just some whimsical spinning!
A fishy story
For all to hear and see!

Written for Claudia's hosting at d'Verse with  Poetics: Judith Clay -  to feature
a poem based on the drawings of the artist Judith Clay


  1. Hank, I enjoyed your whimsical spinning!! Smiles.

  2. ha. we all need room to swim and breathe you know....they are lucky they can live without the constant commercials or billboards...that can def be overwhelming as well...smiles. swim on....

  3. underwater advertising...this is just too good hank..thanks for the smiles

  4. That's an unexpected twist to the picture!

  5. Great title and I liked the idea of under-water advertising!

  6. What a nice spin to the picture... and just imagine fish wrapped in newspaper...

  7. A fishy story indeed, smiling at that underwater advertising ~

  8. ...underwater advertising --- ha, knowing today well that is not too impossible... but careful of the sharks or rather some angler fish... haha... loved this Hank... enjoyed it... smiles...

  9. I would love to know how this clever twist came to you, Hank. Nice work.

  10. Underwater advertising sounds fun and yet another invasion of territory by the mighty humans.
    I enjoyed reading it. Great job!

  11. Something is fishy there, but with no adds it would be nice to be unaware

  12. Your tone and diction matches your content beautifully!

  13. There's no getting away from it is there? ;) Fun to read Hank.

  14. So curious to think of an underwater advertising sandwich - a fish sandwich no less! Thanks, Hank. k.

  15. Clever fish story - but how else could you sell it - sometimes it's not enough to build it - you have to let the universe know and then they'll all swim your way. Very cool piece.

  16. interesting take Hank..I like the way your mind works..underwater advertising..sneaky move for sure...

  17. Hank, leave it to you to decry the exploitation of the fish... kind of like how members of Congress should wear "corporate sponsor" logos, right?

    Loved the rhymes and the way you didn't go too serious on us, but got your point across in a sly way! Amelita

  18. I just can't stop smiling! This is so clever.