Thursday, August 29, 2013

Luscious Lips

                                                                Attribution: Gabriel Delgado
Image: Beautiful Lips
Source Wikimedia Commons (here)

Luscious lusty lips
Bewitching twitching puckered
wet and flaming red 

Glossy lips shining
moisturizing of subtle
Max Factor colors

Louisville Lips giving
tips when they should fall very
accurate in all

Written for Mrsupol's Theme Thursday with prompt - lips


  1. ah there is something quite evocative in the lips...i have to watch to keep myself from watching them when someone talks, it can be enchanting...smiles.

  2. They can sure be a sight, but watch some they bite lol

  3. Delicious flavors in those lips ...! Thank you!

  4. So, I am curious about the Louisville tips. Hmm?

    1. It was Cassius Clay aka Mohammad Ali who predicted his opponents' fall to the canvas at a particular round.


  5. Ahhh...I do love lips. Ty for this lovely ode to lips.

  6. Hank,
    Hopefully it is not mere lip service, hahaha...

  7. Lips can be beautiful and there is definitely something about red lipstick. Almost as if that is the "Come and get me." color. Lips are truly fascinating and come in so many different shapes and sizes. I wonder if there are any two sets of lips that are identical, even on twins. I do not think I have ever heard about Mohammad Ali's predictions. Very interesting fact there.

    Thanks for sharing such a beautiful poem with us for this weeks Theme Thursday. It was much appreciated and enjoyed. Hope your week has been going well.

    God bless.

  8. thanx for the share! written very well. Thumbs UP
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