Friday, August 2, 2013

Greener Grass The Other Side

                                                                                      Attribution: James Rickwood
Image: Cattle Eating Grass through Barbed Wire Fence
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

It’s putting a face to the oft heard
saying of the grass is greener on
the other side

The cow thinks so too having
kneeled under the barbed wire

It’s no more a metaphor
but literally proving the reality
and wisdom of the saying

Visually it is very apparent

That of envy and motivation to others
of the grass being greener
on a neighbor's turf

Written for Life According to J & J in Friday Fences #90


  1. I have heard that saying all my life, but sometimes in real life the grass on the other side is not the greenest. Hope she does not get caught up in the wire.

  2. nice write Pare!

    this reminde me of our neighbor, an old couple. we always have to make sure that our lawn is well kept, no weeds, no dead grass, as they always have beautiful green grass all summer.

    Pareng JJ

  3. what is that cow thinking? that is too strange? ( :
    OUCH, is what i am thinking.

  4. Poor cow, always somewhere that is greener

  5. Ouch to the cow, that had to sting. Always greener

  6. Dear Hank,
    I don't think the cow can differentiate the colour, but perhaps the other turf might be more tasty than on its side of the fence.

  7. ugh...that looks painful in the pic...painful as well as always assuming that the grass is greener as there are oft things we can not see...

  8. I agree with Brian, it doesn't look very comfortable for the cow.
    Enjoyed your take on the photo, Hank!

  9. ....and when we finally made it over to the other side...we find it's not really greener or better at all...ugh...and we wanna go back..

  10. Very smart Cow..or dumb...can't decide.

  11. we all think that the other person or things we don't have are much better..
    I guess this quality is innate.. we are never satisfied with what we have