Friday, August 16, 2013

Write and Communicate!

                                                                              Artist: Gabriel Metsu
Image: Writing a Letter
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Got to hand it to them
Communicating but some
Not really in the dark
Not on a lark
But rather on an equation
One is presumed, a reason
To know and seek after
Avoiding all the gutter
Sieved through before
getting through the door
One of a friendly being

But an opening
seems overly missing
Where is the opening?
How is the opening?

Ring the bell
Sock it and tell
Compose it well
It is swell!

But where is the salutation
Start with  ' it's not old-fashioned ..

The letter, smell the letter
Write it and avoid the banter
Write the letter
Yes, write the letter!

Start it with 'Dear....'

Mary hosting at d'Verse on Writing a Letter, Poetics:   sent with a stamp


  1. Everything seemed more urgent then, I guess.

  2. oh the smell of the letter...def evocative....i still have a box of the ones from when T and i dated....yep they still got some smell...

    1. I still have mine too, nicely filed. We can re-live the nostalgia by reading a couple and the memories become alive. Try it, Brian! Better to do it together. The joy of laughing hearing the other reading aloud is fun! Thanks for sharing!


    2. def...we break them out on occassion and go through is very cool....

  3. Yes, write a letter starting with Dear ~ The formalities of a hand written letter ~ Sadly, not much today ~ Have a good weekend Hank ~

  4. The letter was before my time, as once I started to chime, computer came due and that is what was used at my zoo.

  5. Nice one, Hank! I remember the days when writing letters was a part of my day or week. Now we all exist using quick emails, it seems. Sometimes I have nostalgia when I remember the REAL letters of the past.

  6. I still find myself starting an e-mail with "Dear..."
    Old habits die hard, especially when they were learned at a very early age.

  7. Gosh, for we boomers we do miss letter writing, filling Hallmark cards with personal verse, skate keys, public phone booths,--so much already faded into the past. I have an old valise that once held my grandfather's oil paints, now holding a decade of letters between he & I. He saved mine, I saved his. When he died, I got mine back, and now they all co-mingle midst the oil paint & leather smells; once considered publishing a book of those letters from characters who wrote them in the 60's.

  8. "Dear" is a good word for starting a letter. I liked the image of a letter that you produced through your words.

  9. Oh I do miss a letter...I sent a parcel to my friend the other day and because we email I didn't write a letter...felt strange I should have read this poem starts with Dear... nice poem

  10. I guess you could start it with dearest...

  11. There's something special about a handwritten letter, including the aroma of paper and ink.

  12. ha smiles...yep-- just get started.. think i should write a real letter soon again

  13. very cool, Hank - letters certainly have personalities of their own... charming ones.
    i'd love to read the one you're about to start... ;)

  14. Dear Hank, thank you for this wonderful poem - smiles - K

  15. Yes, write the letter start with Dear and let the words flow.

  16. To think we may have forgotten how!

  17. ....ah, how sad to witness the dying of this art of companionship thru letters... the joy of patronizing snail mails no longer genuine as how it were during the time of our fathers... loved this Hank... smiles...

  18. A lost art, sadly, Hank. Loved your poem. Maybe we should bring the custom back!

  19. I love flipping through old letters. You're right about the smell of the paper. Your confusion about how to start it, ending with the traditional Dear, amusing and real. I loved this, Hank. Amy

  20. I have never been a great writer of letters... I found one I never finished a while ago... and start with dear is a great start. Nothing ever gave me a writers block more than a nice white paper....

  21. Good poem Hank. It really reminds us of the lost art. I still have letters from my husband that he wrote when he was in the military. It was such a slow but deep way of communicating.

  22. I never wrote many letters myself. After I read this poem, I wish I had.

  23. The smell of the letter, the ink (who remembers the smell of ink pens?)...So good!