Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunday Whirl Wordle #124

Image: Courtesy of Sunday Whirl

The dozen words are:
Close doubt feathery hole inky lost oiled scarlet sparks shoots sway wet

Close to tears he surveyed the damage
No doubt it seem very slight in real terms
But when it happened it was frightening
‘A scarlet ray shoots out’ he was told
flames held sway for a few minutes
sparks appeared initially but it died down
It left a hole and an inky liquid oozed out

It was not lost on him why this happened
A well-oiled machine could not be left wet
lest a short circuit was triggered off. Nor
were foreign bodies allowed to settle in it
It would take barely a few minutes for these
to erupt. There was no time to lose

He quickly summoned help to disable the
contraption. Better to sacrifice that small
portion than to lose the whole thing
He would not want another feathery kind 
to get entangled in the sensitive parts
It would cause the same problem again
The whole set-up must be under wraps 
physically for a start. That was such a simple
solution. Someone should have the good
sense to act without having to wait for
a calamity to happen. It could have exploded!

Written for Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #124 Shared
with Mary's hosting at Poets United's Poetry Pantry #165


  1. Oh my, very tense. :)

  2. An oiled and wet machine cannot help but be fuel waiting for ignition. Quite a disturbing glimpse of a dramatic situation.

  3. Well, I hope that this contraption does NOT explode. You worked all the words in well, Hank!!

  4. wonderful!! I hope he gets that taken care of.

  5. Good sense goes a long way and can avoid explosions any day

  6. someone should have a good sense to act before it all explodes...if only we could apply that to so many things in life, you know....

  7. Sometimes it takes an explosion for people to notice...

  8. Good imagery and strong sense of story. Vivid and immediate,


  9. I like how you have built up tension in this poem Hank! And de do feel relieved at the end!

  10. Nice use of metaphor here, Hank.


  11. This could be a metaphor for global situations! Well done, Hank!

  12. I hope it doesn't take a huge explosion to wake up the world. Hopefully, we can still avoid it. Good writing Hank.

  13. Yes, it does feel like the state of the world today. God help us. I love the surprise of where the words took you.

  14. Great imagery and nice tension build-up!

  15. Nobody seems to worry about the feathery creature that got caught in it. Where's your compassion everyone?

  16. I sense an imminent oil spill here. Very strong and honest. I love the metaphors you have used. Thank you for sharing.

  17. Yes, what about feathery kind...? Interesting write, Hank.

  18. You really know how to work wonders with a word list, Hank.

  19. Great metaphor here! Yes, we should tend to things before they explode! :)

  20. A potentially dangerous situation! Nice work with the words Hank.

  21. Good story Hank, yes we should look after things before they explode wouldn't want that.