Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Theme Park Of a Kind

The LEGOland Theme Park had its second anniversary on Sept 15,2013. 
My grandchildren and  their cousins were there the day before, together joining in the fun!
( it rained that morning, the weather was cloudy and the day was relatively dark)

 Image: 1 Norman and Kimie with some of the LEGO creations in the background

 Image: 2 Kimie and Fatin with the Petronas Twin Towers

Image: 3 Norman and Kimie looking at the Royal Selangor Club and the State Secretariat
Building of old
Image: 4 Fatin, Kimie,Wati and Norman gazing at the the Maybank Building

Building blocks exuding wild imaginations
Flashbacks to those young days gone by
Time well spent in building of known items
Engrossed in childhood fantasies

Development of childhood brain teasers
Fascination to innocent youngsters
Lego a companion for many years
Now right before one’s own eyes
What had been likes of childhood dreams
All transformed colorful and nice
Into known objects monuments and buildings

The beauty of it all a bonus of a kind
Within a theme park akin to a fairyland
Extending myriads of wonders and attractions
Presented as a reality to those frustrations
Of long hours before of uncompleted creations
Now all proudly presented at LEGOland

" LEGOland Malaysia is the first Legoland in Asia and the sixth in the world. It was open to the public in Sept. 2012. The 76 acre theme park features seven themed areas with more than 40 interactive rides, shows and attractions. Its water theme park is almost 90% complete and set to open to the public on Oct 21, 2013. A first in Asia, and the largest in the world, the Legoland Water Park will have more than 20 water slides and over 70 Lego models among its attractions. "
- quoted from news reports

Written for Theme Thursday with prompt – fascination and shared
with Joe's hosting at d’Verse ‘s OpenLinkNight week #114


  1. We used to live near Legoland in the UK, so it was our 'local park' and my children knew it by heart. Thanks for reminding me of the fun (for all ages) and hope you get to enjoy all of it when it opens up fully.

  2. nice....we love my boys would have a blast there....i have heard not so good reviews on the LEGOland here in the states...poor service....but i think i would def like to go...

  3. Wonderful that your grandsons and their cousins got to go to Legoland. My grandkids got to experience the one in Chicago & really enjoyed it. There really is something magical about legos. I like to build with them myself.

  4. Fabulous fun for the youngsters, Hank. I enjoyed your photos. Kimie reminds me of my niece Jodi when she was young, full of zest and enthusiasm.

  5. ...oh, i am envious Hank... coz i was really a lego geek & fanatic... & that twin tower is awesome! smiles...

  6. Wow that is going to be one big arse water park. And be interesting to see the building blocks all together too.

  7. oh wow...amazing what you can do with lego - i find it one of the most creative toys for kids...and grown ups...smiles

  8. My kids absolutely love Legos! I have to admit I like them too :-) The nearest Legoland to us is in California, haven't been there yet but it's on the list!

  9. I think I've bought enough legos to fill a park. I'd love to go to one some day. My kids and their kids have grown up with them in all their manifestations. They truly are a joy forever. Well said.

  10. That must have been some theme park Hank ~ My children love them when they were young ~

  11. So cool. I've been to Legoland in Denmark, it was awesome! :)

  12. nice pics. oh wish i can see them for real...


  13. LEGOLand is definitely a place for fascination for the kids..(I cannot say the same myself but their joy makes up for it surely!)..loved this glimpse ..

  14. looks like a lot of fun --both in your living room and a park! Thanks. K. Karin of Manicddaily

  15. Lego is a very useful toy. It encourages creativity design and problem solving. The kids are lucky! Good one Hank!

  16. Yes, indeed, all these exhibitions,visited in childhood have great impact on young brains. Lego - in our days develop the creativity.
    Glad for kids! Nice photos, Hank.

  17. Legos and poetry... who knew they were a match? :)