Sunday, September 15, 2013

Can this be happening?

                                                                   Barren by Kathryn Dyche Dechairo.
Image: Courtesy of the Artist from her blog at Listening To The Whispers (here)

One of a kind
Untold imagination
Fabric of the mind
Can this be happening?

Mass and energy
Are the same thing
E = mc2
Earth made to move
To a shifted axis!
Can this be happening?

The Sun encroaching
Nearer approaching
Earth hurtling its mass
Nearer to the Sun but not quite
Heated landscape
Skeletal remains
of vegetation
A mere warning sign
Neurosis of thoughts
Rendezvous with time
Retribution for ills
Turbulent thoughts
End of the world
Apocalypse now!
Can this be happening?

Written for Grace's hosting at  Real Toad's Sunday Challenge featuring
the artist Kathryn D Dechairo


  1. I hate to think it might be happening sooner than later as we are slowly wrecking this planet to pieces ~ We should be heeding these warning signs as resources are not endless & bottomless ~

    Thanks for linking up with Real Toads Hank ~ Have a good week ahead ~

  2. Hope we will be living somewhere else by that time, if it happens...Your fantasy rocks, Hank :)

  3. This is a chilling vision of a possible dystopian land. I shudder to think how our wastefulness and greed could lead to this kind of outcome.

  4. "Rendezvous with time" ~~~ for me, this was the most powerful line in your poem. Wonderful write, Hank.

  5. i am of the belief that everything happens for a reason...and that all the details are there with intention....apocalypse can come any time it wants...

  6. A movie reference and Einstein in one go. It can come at any time at ones show

  7. This image is very evocative of those times and your verse states it so creatively!

  8. Just love the desolation and destruction that you've conveyed. Powerful piece.

  9. Great interpretation of the starkness of the image and the stark possibilities that face the world.

  10. Yikes. I could definitely see what you are describing here, tho today my mood took me to a brighter vision.

  11. I love your interpretation....and the question!
    I fear it is happening!
    Bravo for going there!
    Brave and bold

  12. Hank, like that you chose the sun, rather than the moon, as the focal point. Even so - dark and foreboding.

  13. Hope not! We are probably getting closer and closer every minute--and we are all asking that same question! Thanks. k. (Manicddaily.)

  14. Hank, I think this can be happening, but I pray we're both wrong.

  15. Shortsightedness, disassociation, greed. We are on a trajectory, but we can collectively shift it.

  16. I fear we will keep wondering same way- Can this be happening?
    all the time..
    there's no end to it

  17. Such scary questions as we face our world and what we have done to it...wonderful writing!1