Thursday, September 26, 2013

Eyes on the Road

                                                                       Attribution: Uploaded by dsirmons
Image: Road Sign Not to be Read

1.Upon Getting His New Driving License

Congrats, son! On getting your new license
Now, you can drive the family car
Thanks Dad
But remember to keep your eyes on the road
I need to read road signs!
Only the relevant ones!

2.Couple in an Open Top Sports Car

Such fun to be here!
Yes, cruising along the beach
With the cool breeze caressing my face
And bikini-clad beauties walking by…..
Keep your eyes on the road
But there are road signs to read
I said keep your eyes on the road!

Written for Victoria's hosting at d'Verse: You want to be What?


  1. Wise advice indeed! A person should ALWAYS keep eyes on the road.

  2. haha...there are plenty of distractions...def driving along the bikini clad beach...smiles...def keep your eyes on the road...that could get you in trouble....funny sign man...

  3. On both ends of the spectrum, young & old, we need lots of focus & alacrity to guarantee safety for all; nice breezy ride, Hank; thanks.

  4. Not only eyes must be peeled open, but anticipation is another skill he must acquire in order to drive safely nowadays.

  5. There is an element of dark humour in this which I like.

  6. Too many distractions nowadays. It's scary, really.

  7. Yeah one should never take them off the road or they'd go into crash mode, although i might have had to try and read that sign lol

  8. Clever and funny - apt as well. Good ones!

  9. wow! clever!! said a lot in this!

  10. Several metaphors here in many different directions. Good Writing!

  11. I remember the fear of death my son's newly acquired driver's license caused me. I'm so glad my mother took him driving. Love the second one!

  12. Perhaps blinkers should be the norm for guys driving along a beach! You've tucked some good advice into this that can be metaphors for life. Focus! I like how you used dialogue.

  13. Driving is not easy with all distractions ... ha ...

  14. your distractions made me smile... but yes, always keep your eyes on the road..