Monday, September 30, 2013

Unwittingly He got Entangled

                                                                                Attribution: Mark Haley
Image: Courtesy of Tess' Mag

The Sunday Whirl,  The 12 words are:
edges exact gathered ghosts hillside patches
sharp spill swarm unbidden where worship

The odds were stacked all against him
Trudging up the hillside amidst patches
He gathered his thoughts
Not a ghost of a chance
So he believed
The day seemed drab

Dark clouds were forming menacingly
It seemed peaceful but eerie
Not a soul in sight
Not a spill of a shadow
Couldn’t this have been foretold
He was not sharp
A weak moment
Unwittingly he got entangled
Entrapped in a love triangle

A slight distraction all it had taken
Not an exact foreboding
Still a swarm over his thinking
Loss of someone dear 
Unbidden to one’s heart
One he had worshipped
But where is she?

Rough at the edges
He had lots to learn


  1. Wanting more is such a trap, that in the end you have nothing

  2. dont we all have so much to learn....loss is one of those hard lessons we learn as well....

  3. step by step up the hill is how we learn. I hope he figures it out before he gets too more entangled.

  4. Hank,

    Lost in translation almost, with his 'rough around the edges.' A very eerie scene, so very well set, using those twelve words.

    Thanks for your visit to my Blog Hank. Much appreciated:)

  5. All guys get entangled. That's not necessarily a bad thing, if it sticks. Great poem!

  6. Hopefully he'll learn from this experience.
    Nice write, Hank. I agree with Tess, we are all a bit rough round the edges.

  7. Temptation does tend to improve our education. It is the bitter pill of learning.

  8. Loss is the hardest thing we all have to deal with

  9. Every situation/circumstance leaves behind something for us to learn. It just depends on us if we do so or not. Very well-written; I liked the images and the rhymes and the smooth rhythm of the poem.

  10. Love can entrap even the most experienced souls ... clever weaving of words here!

  11. Most of my entanglements are unwitting too! :)

  12. entangled, your persona is also lost in thought; good write, credible and reflective

    much love...

  13. Did you just pull off a twofer? Yes, I do believe you did--with style, even!

  14. "Rough at the edges
    He had lots to learn" it.....

  15. The he's of the world so often have so much to learn, but their energy keeps us moving, lovely depth in your magpie. Bravo.

  16. Loss is a cruel teacher, but such a good one.


  17. Oh well done! And learn we must.
    Anna :o]

  18. Hank, loss of someone dear is always hard..where did she go???