Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Shepherd's Lot

                                                                     Attribution: Stephens Ausmus
Image: Modern  Day Shepherd
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Dramatic change in
shepherd’s lot. No more lonely
hours all alone

Now working on big
farms as workers or lucky
ones as rich farmers

No more shepherd’s pie
Little Bo-Peeps or ‘cry wolf’
out in the open

Written for Leo's September Hts Day #04 at Haiku Heights with - shepherds and
shared with Bjorn's hosting at d'Verse OpenLinkNight week #112


  1. Something dear and ancient lost?


    Aloha, Hank

  2. How do you know about shepherd's pie?

    1. Quite often offered at our Club (a Club with Old English traditions of colonial days)


    2. Ha...we hated it at school.Then you would know of spotted dick, custard and jelly as well....Ewwwww!:)

  3. Poor little bo peep, lost her sheep

  4. i rather like shepherds pie...matter of fact its one of my favorite meal...i dunno i get a little sadness at what we lose with progress at times....

  5. Times are changing never changing times are changing time never...

  6. Dear Hank,
    Have you ever wondered why most Prophets were shepherds? I presume there were a lot of things one could learn about human behaviour by tending to the herds and plenty of time to ponder over them.

  7. Hank,

    You gave me a lot more to learn about Shepherds..I think Patience is a key attribute..there..

    Thanks for your visit to my page and some very encouraging comments..You are a kind soul Hank..


  8. Now I am hungry..I think the world would be a better place if we could take ourselves back in time and hold on to traditions and the way of the old…how beautiful would it be walking across the hills on a spring day and watching the flock...

  9. ...i would still prefer to live with a classic bucolic setting --- a million miles away from this darkened city of busy feet... old days are still cool for me or maybe i am just too old fashioned modern boy... aww... excellent Hank... i loved this... smiles...

  10. Yes, the life of a shepherd certainly has changed over the years!! No more need for "Little Bo Peep."

  11. We still have those lonely sheep herders who go on those long treks in difficult mountain lands, and face so much danger too!! It is the farmers who are getting rich and undergoing dramatic changes!! Never liked shepherds pie and am a vegetarian!! :) You have covered a vast area in the short lines!! Good ones Hank!!

  12. 'Change' is very well reflected here..
    time- swepts us all off

  13. A shepherd's lot. Still the world is full of sheep and we make good use of their wool. They got a bad rap in the American West. Perhaps that's changing. I hear the world is eating less beef these days. Nice poem.

  14. Sheep farming has become big business--sad actually--

  15. One CANT do without Shepard's Pie!

  16. I imagine a lot has changed on farms though I still have a rather old-fashioned notion about them lol