Wednesday, September 4, 2013

BMOC - Seen them All

                                                                                Attribution: User Thivier
Image: Football at Its Best!
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

3 Word Wednesday with:
disgust pout wad                       

On rare occasions they appeared
When it did it created an impact
It was amusing fun to watch
Of human dignity for what it lacked
BMOC  Big Man On Campus

One of a kind with flashes of colors
Loud and bright latest in fashion
Hair spiked face made up all gorgeous
Could  not make out gender all confusion
BMOC - Big Man On Campus

Those of rich dads with wealth to flaunt
Of flashy cars with bevy of chicks for company
Looks of disgust from those around
Seeing wads of greenbacks thrown freely
BMOC - Big Man On Campus

Prowess on the sports arena another factor
Could outrun, jump and throw further than most
Rippling muscles ideally structured face of actor
With pout lips, and with thoughts of endorsements
BMOC - Big Man On Campus

Seen them all!

Written for Thomg's 3WW


  1. They can do more than most, that is for sure

  2. ugh our BMOC at school just got hit up...thought he was a bit too big and got to watch the swagger...smiles.

  3. They do think they have it all. But how the mighty fall

  4. Sooner or later they get injured and fall to earth with a thud.

  5. Bmoc looks a disgusting sort!! What those chicks don't know is that appearances can be deceptive!! Nice story in the poem and back to campus style Hank!!