Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wase - Early Rice

                                                                                 Attribution: IRRI Images
Image:  Ripening Mature Rice
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Sunshine bright above
Innocence of wild sparrows
Eyeing early rice

Abundance to share
Staple food of human kind
Birds have first option

Scare-crow empowered
Padi stalks in danger zone
Locusts undeterred

Written for Chev's CARPE DIEM #295  -  early rice


  1. yeah i dont see a scarecrow messing with the locust at all....hey i like my rice...smiles.

  2. Scarecrows aren't very scary though, but away the rice does grow

  3. I hope that rice does grow, helped by the scarecrows or not!

  4. I remember when the locusts descended upon the prairie in a Laura Ingalls Wilder book, they devoured EVERYTHING in site that was green and growing. was not a good year for the garden for them.

    I love rice in all its forms and glory, with savory, sour, salty or sweet -- yummy!

    We don't have so much rice-growing over here, corn and wheat mostly.

    happy day, my friend!!


  5. ...i must confess, i am a rice person... i eat much of it than you can ever think of me... aww... & the fact really bloated my tummy so yes --- i always have to work out... gotta love some abs than fats... lol... smiles...

  6. Lovely... the birds indeed have the first share. A very visual set.

  7. Lovely poem. Rice is such an important food source for most of the earth. From birds to humans.

  8. Yes, those beady-eyed sparrows are always on the lookout for rice!

    Cooking Early Rice

  9. Locusts don't turn back for man or beast! "Undeterred" is the right word!

    Old Man and Rice

  10. Great set. Sounds like quite a bit of competition to sample the harvest:)

  11. with birds and locusts
    rice farmer better hurry
    to harvest first rice

  12. I like this series of haiku Hank ... they are so like ... you. As I look back at our earlier months I see that all the contributors to Carpe Diem have managed their own style and that makes me happy.