Saturday, September 21, 2013

Peace is Elusive!

                                                                                           Attribution: Yann
Image: International Peace Day -  2009 Geneva, Switzerland
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Dragging itself slowly without clear directions
Clamoring to right wrongs imposed on others
Negotiation for peace long devoid of substance
Where is the olive branch and the little white dove?

Elusive in its bidding to combat violence
As often so witnessed in the news daily
The process towards peace  given scant attention
Commitment, as a stand is not adhered fully

An occasion where ‘showing two fingers’ was acceptable
Seen during Peace march and political rallies of old
But now the cry for international peace is somewhat feeble
Instead the show of force are seen prominent and bold

A finality for world peace has been the yearning
To counter the sad situation of the many innocents
The political will to alleviate all the sufferings
Extended just lip service without much conscience

Note:  Written on the occasion of International Peace Day
today, Saturday, September 21st, 2013.

Submitted for Mary's hosting at d'Verse - Poetics: Celebrate Peace Day 


  1. i think peace is def something we should strive for....though you are right it does not get the attention...i am not even sure its a goal any more considering that our economy is entrenched in feeding the war machine...

  2. Yes I remember the days of saying peace of singing peace.. it has become a little feeble.. but then things has not only got worse has it. I so remember the joy of when the iron curtain fell ... it seemed everything was possible... but then backlash of Yugoslavia.. maybe like the waves of the sea it goes back and forth.

  3. i think we should never lose peace out of focus - not in politics - not in our personal life- it's tough sometimes but worth the effort

  4. Yes, I think we often wonder where is the olive branch and the little white dove. I think we just have to keep the faith that they are there somewhere, and we are searching....despite the seeming 'feebleness' of the cry sometime. I think we just have to keep keeping on. A very thoughtful write, Hank.

  5. Yes, raise that up! When attention to peace is as thorough as attention to conflict and war, we'll be making progress.

  6. The problem is that peace is good news, Hank - and bad news travels faster and sells better.

  7. If its just lip service, sadly nothing will be done anything ~ You raised good points here Hank ~

  8. The ending is just so dope! And the last line, "Extended just lip service without much conscience" perhaps they get somethings doing someday!

  9. it saddens me, that lip service. We have the power to spread peace one person at a time, though. = )

  10. I love the olive branch and the little white dove.........great write, Hank!

  11. Lip service, as much as it is heart-felt, would produce no results.
    Powerful write. I liked the rhymes and the way your presented the matter. I do not see the olive branch or a white dove in the vicinity, because these symbols are just the basis of what resides in every single heart, i.e. kindness.

  12. Wars wars and more wars, all that seems to come due

  13. You are right. The commitment to peace is not there. Thanks, hank. Karin of Manicddaily. K.

  14. Great poem, definitively one to think on! The line "The process towards peace given scant attention" is especially true! :-)

  15. A very thoughtful poem Hank! Peace is indeed elusive and maybe we are not trying as hard as we used to. And for the political will to be stronger, our governments might need to feel we care. If we remain silent, why should anything change?

  16. Makes me sad to think that world leaders just pay peace lip service. That there's no sincere attempts to achieve a warless world.
    Good point you make here Hank.

  17. Sadly, so true. Talk is cheap, as they say. In this matter, I feel so powerless...I suppose we all do.

  18. Just lip service Hank. Vested business interest and the money god come first!