Sunday, September 29, 2013

Landing a Big Catch

                                                            the big catch by Catrin Weltz-Stein
Big game hunting
By a puny little thing
He did not think
He'll land a big catch
That's how life is
Luck is driving by
When least expected!

But be mindful
Putting in a bid
Is a simple operation
When saddled with good returns
One gets confounded

Invariably a good catch
May just be lying there
With no means of landing
Unless one needs to spend
To facilitate its journey
to shore

Good fortune is always
accompanied with testing times
Whether one can stomach the test
For Providence is a great Equalizer
One must be prepared!

Claudia hosting at d'Verse Poetics, invites to respond to anyone of Catrin's painting


  1. Your poem makes some strong points, Hank. So often it is not easy to make the 'big catch' in life. It may be there....just right out of reach....with really no means to bring it in. And so very true that good fortune is often accompanied by testing times. There is no easy path through life...whatever the 'catch.' Smiles.

  2. Good fortune is always
    accompanied with testing times... ha...i like...not everyone knows how to handle such a big catch and it probably soon turns out in a way that we don't really embrace..

  3. ha. surely you must be ready for the great will def catch up with you...and life is a cycle so you have to be ready to go around the carousel experiencing both sides...smiles.

  4. Too cool. I remember as a child being told my eyes were too big for my stomach! Such an overload, however desirable, can take its toll.

  5. Providence is a great equalizer ~ Sometimes you catch a big fish, sometimes you get ...nothing ~ Happy Sunday Pat ~

  6. A big catch can easily be a downfall... great point

  7. Last lines are so apt...............nice!

  8. Hank,

    A lot said here for sure..sometimes in life the big catch is too much for us to handle so we are given a smaller catch one that we can handle and enjoy on our journey of life..and true sometimes great Fortune comes with test of faith...

  9. So very true, catch that big one and a lot of crap comes due, have to have the stomach to make it through

  10. Hank what great wisdom you incorporated here. Nothing in life is totally free. Good job in matching your poem to this pic.

  11. Good fortune is always accompanied with testing times
    This is true. Nice work here

  12. Good fortune is always
    accompanied with testing times

    I loved these lines in particular - so true!

  13. Nice use of metaphor, Hank.


  14. Sometimes you catch him, or he catches you. Either way though, it would be a great day for somebody. That would be a fish story. Yours is quite a tail as well. Thanks,

  15. Landing a big catch must not make one lose his head.

  16. Oh boy!This is fantastic-so glad I did not attempt to write something on this :P Loved the underlying theme here-fate vs hard work-my fav lines,"Luck is driving by
    When least expected!"-so true :-)

  17. Well written here. Good Luck with your catch!