Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Here We Go Den Dancing

                                                                                        Attribution: Orchi
Image: A Dendrobium
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

A seemingly simple 3 letter word
Can bring forth myriads of meanings
Strangely enough not quite much efforts
Needed to round off all the strings

Commonly it refers to an animal shelter
A ‘lion’s den’ so to speak and often mentioned
Children’s den’ built in the bush for something similar
An abbreviation for the orchid genus Dendrobium

A Denier or den, units of textile measurement
Or even Den, a Ukrainian newspaper
And Den a comic book series by Richard Corben
Or ‘Dirty Den’ BBC EastEnder’s fictional character

Den, a 2001 Greg Arce directed film horror
A digital entertainment network DEN or den.net
The Den Toronto a jewellery studio in Ontario
Or Den name of a Pharaoh in ancient Egypt

The Den an Irish children’s television programme
Den a fictional character in the Battle Angel Alita manga
Den Haag in Dutch is how The Hague is known
Rounds up the spectacular use of the Den mantra

Written for Grace's hosting of d'Verse OpenLinkNight week#115


  1. I never knew there were so many den meanings & characters ~ Thanks for sharing Hank ~

  2. def was not familiar with many of these dens...esp the comic book...and considering all the ones i collected as a kid that is saying something...

    hope your week is going well hank....

  3. Damn, all den'ed out now. Half I knew the rest were new

  4. Hi Hank,

    I found this informative..nice way to weave a tale of dens..

  5. Ha, I have learned something here today!

  6. ...and den again... ha ha, this is actually a well-crafted and well-researched poem. Three little letters, and so many meanings! I especially enjoyed the Hague mention, as that's where I hope one day George W Bush and Dick Cheney will be tried for crimes against humanity.

    Really great stuff, Hank, my friend! Amy

  7. I love your word treasure hunt, set by a gorgeous flower.

  8. How about the term " Den" from Negri Sembilan, meaning " I ".

  9. We call our family room a den. Never knew so many meanings to the word. You really did your homework. Thanks Hank.

  10. Really like this, Hank; haven't thought about Richard Corben in ages. I call this kind of research poem, a Datapoem, and I'm prone to do them a lot myself, that and List poems. Nice ride; thanks.