Friday, July 26, 2013

Water and Water Matters

                                                                                     Attribution:  Tubantia
Image: A Water Mill
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

From the air to earth’s surface  
A giver of hope and life
Monopolizing the landscape
Found in varied forms
Or hidden underground
Known variously
Depending on regions

Progressing from puddles
Springs streams canal and rivers 
Finding its own levels
To the sea bay and ocean blue
Or tucked away of hidden fjords
Lashed with rain and snow

Harnessed for benefits of mankind
Reservoir hydro-electric water-fall and irrigation
Visible before as water-mills or fire hydrants
For the love of sports and recreation
Boating sailing water skiing surfing
From the sea to land
Artificial dives slides all in fun

Beware though the bane of shipping
Storms hurricanes and until recently
The destruction of the tsunami
No way to run but to appreciate and savor
The reality of the situation

A living being in need
As provided courtesy of Providence
Three-fourth of earth’s surface
A flowing body or expanse of oceans
Water a life’s sustenance

Written for Karin’s hosting at d’Verse to talk everything  of water


  1. what would the earth be without water.. and it has so many faces.. i find it fascinating... a gentle lake, a raging waterfall and we being a part and also entrusted to take care - i like the variety in this hank

  2. curse, she beat me here....smiles....ha.

    good morning hank...water is def the essential building block...your inclusion of the water mill was cool because we used to have one nearby and that brought back some cool memories for me...

    1. Managed to put in a water mill image in place of the previous mundane 'drop of water at impact' image. Thanks Brian!


  3. I enjoyed your poem, Hank, and all the different ways that water is important to us. 3/4 of the earth's surface is no small thing!

  4. Beware of shipping, yes... I was in Bermuda when Hurricane Emily roiled the water and deposited all that old, spent oil on the sand in tarry beach balls. I am so worried for our oceans, as well as for our fresh water. Im the US, it comes out of the tap, but in many developing countries, (? I think that means countries that are about to get a Starbucks) water is dispensed a drop at a time. The next war will not be over oil... but potable water. Great one, George. Amelita

  5. Damn, think you got it all in there, water sure is in everything and needed everywhere at every lair

  6. The water can turn from friend to foe so fast.

  7. You are absolutely right here-- Very strong exposition. k. (This is Karin - http;//

  8. Water in all forms is such a beautiful form of life existence birth death flow destruction so many things that make the wave of life complete. Lovely Words; Love Ya Friend

  9. Ypu have taken us on a water journey - lovely!

  10. Puts me in mind of Raymond Carver's book of poems, WHERE WATER MEETS OTHER WATER, flowing one into the other, from the sea inside, to steam whelping clouds, and thunderstorms redelivering it home; water, water indeed; thanks.

  11. there is a deep reverence here. water is so much more than what comes out of the spout. your last line is strong and resonant.

  12. Water is the basic necessity in our lives..
    so many forms it can take :)

  13. What a great poem illustrating the differing types of water. Some are good, some not so good. Beautiful writing Hank :-)

  14. The myriad ripples flow here well!