Friday, July 19, 2013

Virtue Most Elusive

                                                                           Attribution: Sam Mugraby
Image: A Loving Couple in Trusting Mode
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Virtue most profound
Inspiring belief

Witness under siege
Reliability questioned
Defence’s real nightmare

Reasons to believe
Voice of a politician
Lacking commitment

Quality of trust
Character of  high esteem
Lovers' paradise

Written for Chev's CARPE DIEM #250 with prompt - credibility


  1. great job.. I liked the entire set. credibility is important in every arena of life..

  2. If you mean the state we are in I fully agree.

  3. that last one says a lot in few and character play a large role in a healthy relationship....

  4. In today's materialistic world, we all need trust and true love.

  5. Nice write, Hank ~~ I'll rank from these high to low as none to me is 100% credible.
    85% -- The lovers. This may have the widest swing as there are some real heel around.
    70% -- The witnesses. Different people see the same event in diferent ways and still others lie because of predjudices already formed.
    30% -- the Politicians. Most are running for office for their own benefit, not their constituents. (Note: I ran for judge one time. As far as I was concerned my oponent had 0.0% credibility.

    1. Very interesting Dr Jim! You bring lots of expertise and credibility in your comments. Good judgement from a one-time judge, certainly! Yes, politicians should be low on the scale. One cannot be giving in too much to them as they invariably have an agenda of their own. It precedes all other considerations. When self interest comes into play this is what happens. Their judgements become tainted! Thanks a lot!


  6. beautiful capture...lovely words!

  7. We definitely need to see those we can trust, and we do....hold them in high esteem!

  8. Love the depth of your haiku and all very contemplative ~ Love the photo ~ Happy Weekend to you ^_^

  9. Without trust everything will fail, voice of a politician means run away haha

  10. every verse was so meaningful..
    loved it

  11. Great set.. hard to trust politicians