Friday, July 19, 2013

A Huitain - Symbolism

                                                                          Attribution:  Paul Friel
Image: A Bald Eagle – a symbol of regal bearing
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

An eagle often symbolizes strength, courage, farsightedness and immortality.
It is considered king of the air and invincible against all other birds

Symbol of strength, courage, regal bearing
and of a nation’s immortality
Bald eagle soars high in all eagerness
Savoring its invincibility
Its strength emblazoned in its entirety
Policing below entire regions
For a common cause of tranquility
Commands a view of peaceful assertions

Written for Tony's’s hosting at d’Verse, Mix and Match

Note: I’ve mixed and matched Victoria’s earlier posting of Sept 06 2012
with prompt - Symbolism. It's matched with one in a huitain form. It  is  of an
ababbcbc rhyming  structure maintaining a 10 syllable count in all 8 lines.


  1. nice...we used to have an eagle sanctuary near us when we lived in Maryland...was amazing to get to see them regularly up close...most of them were hurt in some way but still held such regal bearing...nice capture of their spirit hank...

  2. To see one of these majestic birds is to feel all the attributes ever associated with them. Fine write.

  3. I have only seen eagles a few times in the Archipelago outside Stockholm... truly regal birds

  4. I feel for the eagles. You are enjoying the forms, Sir Hank. I am so glad.

  5. The sure are regal indeed and embody it well

  6. You have honored the regal eagle in top form.

  7. I've been fortunate enough to see eagles a few times; they are truly amazing birds. This poem captures something of just how awesome they are, Hank.