Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Alone in His Thoughts!

                                                                                                                  Attribution: Carin Araujo
Image: A Smiling Baby
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

His thoughts traverse the ocean blue
His far-away vision seeing unusual happenings
He tried to recall sitting in heavenly comfort
Something strange of yester-years
Floating in wavy flow across his mind

He was young then very innocent
He was brash then unyielding
He was rash and impulsive
He was outspoken quarrelsome
Fluid with all pretenses and he was alone

She was the only soul who dared
She showed her friendly self
Showered love and affections
Taught him to be gregarious
In the face of sneering beings
Afforded and accorded the companionship
That he so yearned but elusive till then

She was all that he needed
She was all heaven in his eyes
She was everything
Assigning her all excitements
Truthfulness, laughter and fun
How she filled the emptiness
With a bundle of joy
So lovely and lively
A part of her beauty retained
A baby boy so endearing
With thoughts of a bright future
How he had wished

But for that twist of fate
He kept staring cold in thoughts
Blank in sight but focused
He was again now alone
having left baby at home

It was peaceful quiet but eerie
With a slight breeze brushing his hands
Like she did before

He was again now alone!
But for her starkly sturdy tombstone.

Written for 3WW with words traverse, pretense and assign


  1. you worked quite a story out of those words...nice close on this...def comes with a heaviness, her being dead...

  2. Great thoughts and a cute photo!

  3. Sad!! Loaded with happiness and ending with grief!! A lot of turbulence in emotions!!

  4. We are so buoyed with life we often forget that death is always around the corner waiting to spring a surprise.

  5. I was surprised by the ending... sad.

  6. The road of life can be horrible indeed, good to bad can be lurking away.

  7. The beginning so lovely. Was not prepared for the ending. Full circle. Appreciated.

  8. aw how sad but so poignantly accurate as this does happen.

  9. Everything was nice going along. Then, ... What happened?
    Actually I can't figure out for sure
    1)if Mom died and Dad walked away from Baby. or
    2)if Baby died and Dad walked away from Mom.
    Either way he is a pitiful Dad.

  10. this piece reminds of Tennyson's In Memorium
    'Tis better to have loved and lost
    Than never to have loved at all :)

  11. Oh, my God, Hank, this broke my heart. That pic of sweet baby and then ending at a tombstone.

    You whacked me upside the head there, and sometimes we need that reminder, that life is fleeting and that parents should be licensed and schooled before procreating... Love, Amelita and thx for commenting at Big 700!

  12. "Fluid with all pretenses and he was alone"

    I find that line tremendously powerful.

  13. wow - you took my emotions on quite a ride here! smiling with the start of the baby picture, to my draw dropping open with the ending.