Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Desert Pit Stop

                                                                                                     Attribution: Ji-Elle
Image: Desert travelers
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

Fitting pit stop for weary
desert travelers

Head splitting stomach
churning rest awhile a long
tiring ride ahead

Tension eased, music
food, peaceful night sky locked in
heaven's warm luster

Note: Caravanserai is resting place in the desert

Written for Chev's CARPE DIEM #260 with prompt caravanserai


  1. Dear Hank,
    This Haiku reminds me of the Inn which was along the route from Delhi to Agra on passing the Rajasthan desert when we took a short stop when I went there in 2002. It was really refreshing.

    1. Dear Hal,
      I remember Agra when we were there! It was quite a long ride from Delhi.There were tombs along the way that I thought would pre-emt expectations upon reaching the Taj. No, the Taj Mahal was a sight to behold. We arrived in late evening. Despite not on full moon night it was shining and splashed in colors of brilliance unlike any other! Fantastic!


  2. some vivid images

    well done


  3. on those kinda is always good to have pit stops...a little music and food...and rest...smiles.

  4. Especially like the first. Never dawned on me to look the word up...thought it was the name of the song. May have to do a third haiku now. Thank you for sharing the definition.

  5. I think we all know how heavenly a pit stop can be! ;)

    In a Wayside Inn

  6. When I get really tired and stop for a rest, I don't want to get back on the road again!

  7. In India we have people especially of Rajasthan who are wanderers. They have no permanent home. They stop at some place, make a temporary place to live..
    they stay there for few days and then move again.