Saturday, July 20, 2013

Swooning to the Pop Stars

  Attribution:  National Archief, Den Haag

Image: Sir Cliff Richard and the Shadows at Schipol Airport 1962.
Behind Cliff from left: Bruce Welch, Tony Meehan, Jet Harris and Hank Marvin
Source: Wikimedia Commons (here)

This has the makings of how pop stars were mobbed
Screaming teeny -boppers, wide eyed, shedding tears unashamedly
Reaching out, waving and grapping where possible their idols
Hysterical and crying out loud sweating profusely

Swooning over the  very same people who cut their records
No YouTubes, DVDs to talk of but vinyl covers emblazoned
With colorful pictures and the tracks inside that they could ill afford
Placed close to their heart or waved vigorously to catch attention

There have been large noisy crowds at present day concerts
But one never gets to hear of shirt-grabbing episodes that followed
Have teens these days matured beyond that the desire to exert
Is no more there as cyber space and FB have made them mellowed?

What a fun thing they had all missed!

Written for Sandy's hosting of One Single Impression #281 with prompt – swoon



  1. Oh, I remember those days. Cliff Richard. Black and white news photos. And the wonderful music of that era.
    I've just returned from my 50-year high school graduation reunion. It was just a dinner. Not even a juke box. That would have been fun.
    You made my day, Hank

  2. haha..
    teens have other things up their sleeves :P
    lovely read !!

  3. This is interesting take on Swoon...I will go by what Jyoti said...

    My OSI contribution here..


  4. huh interesting...i think that it has just changed a bit...and that there is still the swooning..perhaps in more insideous ways....

  5. smiles..yeah i think times have changed - i was never the one to swoon and never went much to concerts - so i like the more relaxed approach - they're good at what they're doing and i respect them for this...just like i do everyone else...smiles

  6. yeah changed quite a bit, now fans can stalk them more on social media haha

  7. Hi Hank, this is a nice poem. ~~ It does seem that the teen swooning has diminished. But thinking it over, Lady Gaga, Justin Beiber, and the Jonas Brothers come into mind real quickly. Lots of swooning for those.

    Wikipedia has them listed since the 60's (1926 actually with Judy Garland and a little later, Frank Sinatra) into the 2012's. Surprise, surprise for us older folk.

  8. nice interpretation of today's prompt, have a happy Sunday

    much love...

  9. I remember when the Beatles came to Melbourne. I was very young, of course.

  10. Hi Hank, please delete this comment....but please, if you could, respond to Dave King being featured on Poets United. Dave needs some support, I think. We all do in the blogosphere, I think....but he is someone I think right now might need it. And again, PLEASE delete this comment.

  11. Oh I remember those screaming days. And yes agree, teens these days miss out a lot on the fun of yesteryears - I think we appreciated things more because they were so hard to get. My fav Cliff Richard song is "The Young Ones". The Shadows were awesome too. Very nice.

    Dropping by from OSI.
    Suzy at